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It really should come as no surprise to anyone that the West is under attack. Sadly, though many still do seem oblivious. Sadder still are all the well-meaning people who have big, easily manipulated hearts who jump on the band wagon, championing the causes of the world in the name of social justice, human rights and equality. They proudly and loudly wave their virtue in our faces, through changing their social media profiles to the frame of the day and screaming derogatory terms at anyone who dares question the narrative.

These social justice warriors (SJWs) truly are the “useful idiots’ a phrase often attributed to Lenin to label those who unknowingly push the propaganda, oblivious to their own participation of the demise of the Judeo- Christian culture that has provided them with so much freedom. They believe that Antifa are actually anti–fascism, and are seemingly unaware that they are indeed a fascist terrorist group hell bent on the demise of liberty.

They believe that the mainstream media and government have their best interest at heart and that they would never lie. They believe that journalists are still journalists, and not activists who for the most part, hate the society and the conservative values that have made our country and the west, so desirable to the third world who would love to find refuge in our apparent freedom and prosperity.

They welcome bigger and bigger government into their lives with almost no question as to any potential slippery slope of government intrusion or where things may potentially end up. They believe Trump is evil and anyone who thinks otherwise must be evil too.

They are “the woke” who ironically are still sound asleep with their heads buried deep in the sand popping up occasionally to listen to the ABC and the Project while cooking dinner.

The orchestrated long march through the Institutions has led us to the point where we are now experiencing an attack on every major institution. It is a sad fact of history that not all civilisations last forever. Yet, the lessons of history seem lost on a generation of people who have only known peace, prosperity democracy and freedom. Complacency is the silent killer. It’s also a sad fact that people rise under oppression. They just have to feel it first hand to know it is time to push back and by then it is more often than not, too late.

History and the evidence provided in many other countries, demonstrate that freedoms are easily taken but much harder to have returned!

In order to destroy the current political structure those who wish to restructure the West must first tear down our political system, our government, educational institutions, the healthcare and medical industry, the media, entertainment and culture and perhaps most important of all, the family unit – so it can all be rebuilt into the communist/Marxist Utopia these ideologues dream of.

They have been organised and calculated and like all good infiltrators. They have used stealth and patience, knowing that in order to achieve the radical end goal they would need a strong strategy. The strategy was infiltration and they have successfully achieved this through quietly and gradually capturing every institution, including the major conservative political parties that were meant to stand in opposition which is why there is so much despondency about who to vote for.

Perhaps, most devastating of all, they have infiltrated the Church. We are now watching the wheat and the tares and the goat and the sheep with so many Christians jumping on popular bandwagons like marriage ‘equality’, transgender ‘rights’, feminism, abortion ‘rights’ and Black Lives Matter, to name a few.

They have used a strategy now known through the counter culture called Cultural Marxism and identity politics to achieve their goals. This strategy creates the oppressor and the oppressed and pits people against one another based on certain characteristics. The oppressed is used as a human shield and anyone who dares question is instantly called a homo/transphobe, a bigot, or a racist.

I can hardly judge these people. I was once a victim myself. I championed many of the same causes believing with my whole heart in the plight of the oppressed. I meant well. Good people support, love and help the underdog right?! Especially good Christians!

So it should come as no surprise to see so many good people fall prey to the Marxist ideology. It’s cunning and clever and deceptive and plays on a human being’s strong need for approval and acceptance and an individual’s desire to be a good person.

If only they knew they were being played for fools. If only they could understand that the puppeteers have set up the perfect formula and have successfully advanced their cause to the point where now the world is so divided. These issues devastatingly split families, friends and peer groups and is the reason that the USA is now experiencing a second civil war.

So many have graciously handed over their freedoms, beliefs and values to a cause that truly hates all that they stand for all in the name of Social Justice. It’s astonishing to witness.

The reality is there is always an element of truth in a successful lie. The truth is that racism, inequality and oppression do exist anywhere that human beings are. History can be shameful. These  traits are indeed ugly, but they are traits found in some individuals that do not in fact belong to any group based solely on their skin colour. To believe this is actually the epitome of racism.  

Ben Shapiro, the conservative political pundit often states, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” These issues, dealing with the human condition, are very emotional. Of course. So it is so important to look at the facts and the reality and ensure that political causes don’t end up tipping scales so that there ends up being reverse racism, intolerance and inequality.

Good people must be cautious and alert so as not to be emotionally blackmailed into supporting a cause that actually is the opposite of what it pretends to promote, thus swinging the pendulum so far the other extreme that it wipes out your own freedoms, culture, ability to worship or practice or speak your own beliefs, denying your own inherent worth, smashing every noble institution in its course!

Well meaning people can be misled to believing good is bad, and bad is good.

Conservatives believe in conserving institutions. They do not believe that the institutions are inherently bad or evil. They can often even acknowledge the flaws, but they do not believe in throwing out the baby with the bath water. Conservatives fight to conserve what is noble and good and has passed the test of time. They are cautious of change and restructure, believing that “if it aint broke, you don’t fix it.” We know that progressive activists are brilliant with language. Words like “love”, “safe”, “rights”, “anti-bullying”, “equality”, and even the word “progressive” can so evidently mean the exact opposite in reality.

A social conservative believes that the sacred institution of the family is the backbone of a strong society. Regardless of whether one’s family situation is the ideal, they believe in the preservation of the biological family unit. This is why they fiercely defend the institution of marriage between biologically opposite genders. They believe that gender is binary and they celebrate the differences between men and women. They believe that policy should reflect and promote the ideal.

Conservatives and patriots believe that Judeo-Christian values have paved the way for a strong, free and prosperous society. This does not mean that all must be practicing Christians. But that a society that acknowledges God and adheres to the principles and morals taught throughout the Old and New Testament will flourish and be a place of refuge for the truly persecuted and the enslaved often ironically escaping communism, tyranny and fascism.

Marijke Rancie is an ordinary, "stay-at-home" mum who shrugs off the restrictive expectations of cultural feminism. She encourages other full time mums to not feel inadequate in their occupation as wife & mother, and champions traditional family values. Also known as “Political Posting Mumma“, Marijke's personal experience and concerned research led her to raising the alarm about the hidden, inappropriate sexual content of the so-called “Safe Schools” resources.

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