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A bad year for Goodyear

A bad year for Goodyear

THIS year has been a bad year for Goodyear.  Up until this year, Goodyear knew what their business was – making tyres. And that's what they've been doing since 1898.  But 122 years after Frank Sieberling started the iconic tyre brand, Goodyear tired of making tyres...

Dear fellow Christians, it’s time to be political

Dear fellow Christians, it’s time to be political

My heart is heavy, and my soul is troubled. These are uneasy and uncertain times, and not just because of the impact of coronavirus. We are seeing our society lurch further and faster towards radical positions at odds with a Christian, Biblical worldview. Increased...

Magda, Lisa Wilkinson and the feeble gender card

Magda, Lisa Wilkinson and the feeble gender card

So utterly predictable. Who was surprised to see darling of the hard left Magda Szubanski sign up to take part in Dan Andrew’s government ad campaign in the fight against coronavirus? No one. Who was surprised that deputy darling of the hard left, The Project’s Lisa...

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