If you want to identify the variety of tree in a garden, one of the most uncomplicated ways is to identify the fruit it grows. Ancient wisdom instructs if you observe the fruit you’ll know the root.

I’ve never bought into the BLM political movement con, because the fruit was immediately obvious to anyone with an inclination to discern things beneath the surface. Rather than noble pursuits of justice, the very name sets up divisions between people: black and everyone else. If it were just a statement of the obvious – of course “black lives matters” (to which most people initially responded “duh”) – it would be just a euphemistic, short-sighted name.

However the observable fruit of the political organisation is not just racial division, but seething hatred and boiling rage, lawless violence, destruction of property and wanton murder. BLM turns cities which nurture its philosophies into war zones where the poorest of people are most hurt by the devastation wreaked by the anarchy.

There’s much more well-documented evidence of the anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-freedom social destructiveness of BLM, citing BLM itself as primary sources. But what’s recently been revealed is just how demonic they admit to being.

The leaders of BLM are calling on the spirits of the dead, claim to receive power from them and talk with these spirits by name. This is now an open secret.

You should now be asking for my sources, and if true, renouncing all support for this toxic agenda. They are hyperlinked throughout. BLM was never needed to advocate for justice for all, equally. Two BLM co-founders, Patrisse Cullors and Melina Abdullah, have given us brazen statements admitting this.

Assistant director of research at the USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, Hebah Farrag, researches the new spiritualities emerging from Black Lives Matter-affiliated organisations. Her article, “The Fight for Black Lives is a Spiritual Movement”, details the religious fervour & ritual of BLM protests.

Melina Abdullah, chair of the Department of Pan-African Studies at California State University, Los Angeles, and co-founder of BLM-LA, opened the event explaining that while the movement is a social justice [Marxist] movement, it is first and foremost a spiritual movement.


She led the group in a ritual: the reciting of names of those taken by state violence before their time—ancestors now being called back to animate their own justice:


“George Floyd. Asé. Philandro Castille. Asé. Andrew Joseph. Asé. Michael Brown. Asé. Erika Garner. Asé. Harriet Tubman. Asé. Malcom X. Asé. Martin Luther King. Asé.”


As each name is recited, Dr. Abdullah poured libations on the ground as the group of over 100 chanted “Asé,” a Yoruba term often used by practitioners of Ifa, a faith and divination system that originated in West Africa, in return. This ritual, Dr. Abdullah explained, is a form of worship.

Patrisse Cullors, another BLM co-founder, claims there’s nothing that needs to be fixed in black culture, and acknowledges she is waging a spiritual fight. Her pagan spirituality and ancestor worship is displayed in this video, with bizarre ritualism and a shirt saying “black magic”.

In the same video Melina Abdullah claims her work is ancestral and divine as she and Cullors supply more disturbing evidence of their dark agenda. The fires of the BLM politcal agenda are fueled by worship of the dead; calling on the dead; asking the spirits of the dead to empower the living today.

In the video, Prof. Abdullah described:

“Maybe I’m sharing too much, but we become very intimate with the spirits that we call on regularly. Right, like, each of them seems to have a different presence and personality. You know, I laugh a lot with Wakisha, you know, and I didn’t meet her in her body. Right, I met her through this work.”

Cullors, in response, explained how she has been empowered by these spirits and how the mantra to “say his (or, her) name” was more than a slogan. It was an appeal to the spirits of the deceased to rise up and work through her and others. Even their use of hashtags has a demonic purpose ignorant supporters (Lenin’s “useful idiots”) assist:

“It’s a very important practice. Hashtags for us are way more than a hashtag. It is literally, almost resurrecting spirits so they can work through us to get the work that we need to get done. I started to feel personally connected, and responsible and accountable to them, both from a deeply political place, but also from a spiritual place.


And my tradition you offer things that your loved one passed away would want, you know, whether it’s like honey, or tobacco, things like that. It’s so important – not just for us to be in direct relationship to our people who’ve passed, but also for them to know that we’ve remembered them. I believe so many of them work through us.”

There’s so much more damning evidence in their own words and voices, below.

Of course this is a spiritual fight, as Cullors acknowledged.

Any Christian who thinks they can bow a knee before or have any respect for an organisation calling on the spirits of the dead (witchcraft) and dividing nations racially – instead of the Spirit of the Living God who tears down divisions between all races, economic statuses and both genders – is tragically mistaken.

If you want a spiritual, political movement promising the greatest hope for the justice, peace & liberty of all people created in God’s Image, there’s nothing better than the Kingdom of God; certainly no human agenda.

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