As a young woman, Chloe began questioning her ‘gender identity’ at just 13 years old. Misled by the “gender-affirming” narrative, Chloe underwent a double mastectomy and hormone treatments by age 15. However, she soon discovered that these interventions, driven by ideological agendas, had devastating consequences.

In this video, Chloe bravely shares her compelling story as a clear warning about the risks and harms associated with so-called “gender-affirming care”.

This event, presented by the Australian Christian Lobby, offers a chance to hear firsthand how this ideology affects young people and their families. Listen to various speakers and a panel from this event in other episodes.


  • Recorded in Brisbane, Queensland, 1 July 2024.
  • For more information click here to watch Channel 7’s Spotlight ‘The Reality of De-Transitioning‘ featuring both Chloe Cole and Mel Jefferies.
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