James Cook University’s Dr Andrew Amos is Chair of the Queensland Section of Rural Psychiatry, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP), and author of a new paper in the journal Australian Psychiatry.

He explained the driving principle of gender-affirming care for transgender patients is that the development of gender diversity never involves mental illness, and one of the consequences is that health care professionals cannot assess – but must only affirm – patient reported gender identity.

“Cases where psychosis is the undeniable cause of gender diversity demonstrate this assumption is categorically false. From a psychiatric perspective the proposition that mental illness plays no role in gender diversity is absurd.


“The political goal of expanding personal liberty has been substituted for evidence-based medicine processes of clinical reasoning, rendering the current gender-affirming guidelines incompatible with competent, ethical medical practice”

In this video, Dr Amos further explains the premise of his paper in the journal Australian Psychiatry.

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  • Recorded in Brisbane, Queensland, 1 July 2024.
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