#NSFBT: Not Safe For Big Tech!

This video contains clips that would almost certainly be censored by big brother and you won’t see on Facebook or Twitter.

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Clive Palmer talks about the value of freedom of speech and religion, the assault on freedom by power-hungry governments during covid, what he wants everyone to know about the vaccines, and what he thinks the response should be to case numbers.

I went to Israel Folau’s first run onto the field since Rugby Australia fired him for publishing unapproved Scriptures on his personal social media.

It’s not the (failing) rugby team he left, and it’s not the Broncos, but it is a victory for the good guys, made all the sweeter by how much it triggers intolerant leftists. This victory is proof we need to never give up the fight for our freedom.

In these dark days, freedom is readily sacrificed by deluded masses on the twin altars of safetyism and political correctness, so every win should be celebrated; and we must never, ever, ever surrender.

The Unlucky Country - Zimmermann & Moens

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