In a speech to the Federal Senate laden with divisive identity politics & shameless race-baiting on Tuesday, Victorian Greens senator Lidia Thorpe said:

“I do hope the Attorney-General, given he probably didn’t read the royal commission recommendations, hopefully he listens to these experts…”


“Hopefully, they’re white. You know, white is right in this place…”

Thorpe was referring to the Northern Territory Attorney-General, Selena Uibo, who fact-checked the senator in the NT Parliament last night:

“Senator Thorpe, the Northern Territory Attorney-General is not a white man. I am an Aboriginal woman with ancestral lands and connections in the Groote Island archipelago and the Numbulwar East Arnhem regions of the Northern Territory.”


“I have read the recommendations of the Royal Commission … many times over in fact.”


“There is nothing more galling or frustrating than when we have a senator from inner-city Melbourne, who visits the Territory for five minutes, flies home and then goes back to the Senate and makes deceitful comments.”

Senator Thorpe’s uninformed comments were underwritten by the equally ignorant philosophy of identity politics which holds that all members of an identity group are incapable of deviating from the ideas or behaviours of others in that group.

Because the NT Labor Government’s Attorney General had implemented new youth bail laws which the radical Leftist Greens senator disagreed with, she assumed both the race and gender of the Attorney General.

The Good Sauce independent investigation concludes that Senator Lidia Thorpe’s assumption about the race, gender & reading habits of Selena Uibo are FALSE.

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