There will be much picking and pulling at the threads of the King’s former life. While monarchs of the ancient era spent their pre-throne days wandering the battlefields of Europe knocking off rival heirs, Prince Charles had to find a more peaceful, practical, and modern way to occupy his seven decades of royal apprenticeship.

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For better or worse, Prince Charles – now King Charles III – styled himself as an eco-warrior. It was not a terrible PR idea, though it would have been a lot safer had he gone it alone rather than cuddled under the wing of eco-fascists who must have thought it rather hilarious to have a monarch in their thrall.

Hopefully, this error in judgement has been severed by the King’s ascension. Becoming the Sovereign is not an ordinary job. It is a baptism – a re-birth in which an entirely new person emerges from the waters of grief weighed down by the Crown.

Charles acknowledged this by standing with tears in his eyes as ‘God Save The King’ echoed around him for the first time. He said that he felt the weight of responsibility and history upon him. Monarchs are bound to this in a way fleeting ministers will never understand.

He is now head of the Church of England, guardian of the Constitution, and father of the Commonwealth realms. Charles inherits the position, is gifted public sympathy, but must work quickly to earn the popularity, affection, and loyalty that his mother commanded.

With Elizabeth II being the longest reigning monarch in British history, Charles cannot attempt to compete against her legacy, but should instead focus on being a good and worthy king for the years he has left.

Charles will require the help of the much-loved Prince and Princess of Wales to fend off a generation of angry Marxists that have been bred as wrecking balls by activists desperate to snatch power they neither deserve nor understand. Meanwhile, conservatives – who should be the natural defenders of the Crown – have been left cool by Charles’ former dealings with anti-democratic lobbying groups such as the World Economic Forum.

Most conservatives will forgive – so long as Charles forgets…

Republicans always assumed that the death of the Queen would be like the snapping of the mousetrap, breaking the bones of the benign royal caretaker and instead passing power into the claws of politicians. Many political figures long for a pseudo dictatorship created upon silent agreement between politically-aligned presidents and prime ministers.

Think about it. Would President Red Bandanna really hold Prime Minister Albanese to account?

Warring political forces sharing power is exactly why republics fall into a death spin. Even America has started to circle, wings dipped and nose down. As arguably the greatest republic in history, America was not protected by the structure of the republic, but instead by its former devotion to liberty. Now that two generations of Americans have been brainwashed as nation-hating, racist socialists desperate for a civil conflict, the republican structure finds itself crumbling under increasingly authoritarian presidents.

While ever the Crown sits above politics in the nations of the Commonwealth, acting on behalf of the people, absolute power is denied to similarly inclined prime ministers. We are going to need that protection.

The coming age is full of shadows. It is nothing like the one that has passed. The danger comes from a new class of unelected officials, CEOs with more wealth than nations, international bureaucrats, lobbyists, and activists who seek to reign over us from the black of secrecy.

Putting a stop to the force of ‘progress’ that inches us by the throat toward the ruthless cogs of collectivism, is going to take a rigorous system of government. We need to put as many locked doors between prime ministers and the dictatorial throne as possible. The moats, trenches, cannons, and archers of liberty reside in custom, history, precedence, and the prudence of the Crown.

Australian republican leaders struggled to make it twenty minutes from the Queen’s death before announcing their eagerness to climb upon the Throne. They assumed, wrongly, that with Her Majesty gone the vacant Crown would fall upon their head.

But something unusual happened in the psyche of the Commonwealth. While there was an outpouring of grief regarding the loss of this extraordinary woman, the people realised that there was something precious and rare about their Constitutional Monarchy. It is an institution that remains, almost entirely alone, as a thread securing our magnificent history to an increasingly shallow and self-loathing political system.

The Crown, along with all its pomp and ceremony, creates a comforting theatre that calls to the depths of our shared cultural soul. Seeing these archaic processions pass, we remember the billions of steps taken by our ancestors. Their ghosts are felt as the Proclamation is read in the same way the candles flicker in the depths of Notre Dame.

The Unlucky Country - Zimmermann & Moens

Equally important is the visual reminder that there is more to power than politics. Seeing the King ascend with the consent of the Privy Council – and in return, ministers re-swear their vows to the Sovereign – suddenly it was made clear that Constitutional Monarchies involve a critical balance that binds potentially tyrannical forces together in a way that elevates the people above both.

The Parliament and Crown have only one wing each and to fly they must do so in agreement.

It is ‘civilised power’ – a system that no ambitious politician would create. It exists because far greater men than Adam Bandt and Peter FitzSimons realised that men desiring to act in ‘the greater good’ decay into folly, embarrassment, and nepotism while the blood of civil unrest spills around them. The creation of a heredity political dynasty – as momentarily occurred in England – is inevitable. America already creates presidential families with assumed rights to the White House. In many ways, America is a traditional monarchy in disguise.

Republics crown dictators, as is their natural path. Constitutional Monarchies are an act of political genius. For the first time in human history, the separation of power was solved in an enduring manner that created extraordinarily stable governments around the world, but they remain threatened by the eternal jealousy of small-minded men. Constitutional Monarchies are not ‘regressive’ – they are hybrids and a superior evolution to both their monarchical and republican parents. The Left is desperate to get rid of them because no socialist dictator can emerge while the Crown guards the nation.

Not only do the Left despise the limitation on political power, the Commonwealth forms a family of nations. Though each one is an independent entity, all peoples of the Commonwealth are one people in the eyes of the Sovereign. It is the chief reason Commonwealth nations do not go to war with each other. Global bureaucracies, such as the United Nations and NATO, are always trying to bicker for peace, but it was the Queen who achieved it among the nations under her care.

How fitting it is to see Hyde Park’s footpaths lined with flowers to allow mourners to approach the gates of Buckingham Palace which has become part-tomb, part-monument. The Park’s ancient trees are ringed with posies while the lawns are buried in heart-shaped balloons, drawings, flags, and Paddington Bears. These tributes are not confined to the surrounds of the palace. Posies encircle royal residents, churches, and monuments across the realm. Her Majesty was a small woman and yet she could tower over the armies of the world and put history’s dictators in their place. She made battle-hardened men cry and the most ruthless of leaders grip the seat of her Land Rover in fear.

This is why flowers were thrown onto the road in front of her coffin – why residents in full historic uniform and their chests adorned with medals dipped flags to the ground and bowed their heads low. Farmers brought brightly coloured tractors to line the fields while others appeared on horseback to honour Elizabeth’s love of riding. In the towns there was applause, as one might give to a fine show as the curtain falls, even though there will be no encore.

Respect. Dignity. Grace. It has created a grief that can only come from a life well lived that was peacefully finished.

Her Majesty seemed to love the whole world – even those who did not love her back. Communist dictators must force their people onto the street to mourn at the business end of a rifle, but the streets of the Commonwealth fill of their own accord.

As we shed a tear for the woman, hopefully we will awaken to the knowledge that civilisation is disintegrating beneath our feet. The Queen, that seemingly eternal safety blanket, cannot save us from the power-hungry. We must save ourselves.

The West used to describe a people that built things. We must be so again. Enough with this experiment in ‘progressivism’. It is a gravel slope to a cliff edge. The mechanism of monarchy has awoken, rolling us into the Carolean Age – that of Charles III.

God bless the Queen. Long live the King. And heaven help us all.

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Alexandra Marshall (@ellymelly on social media) writes on liberty, philosophy and geopolitics. You can find her on Twitter or read her articles over at her blog. Elly is also an AI database designer for the retail industry, contributor to multiple online journals and a Young Ambassador with Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

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