COP26 is around the corner and with that, Governments are busily lining up in an attempt to shore up their green credentials and no more so than the supposed “Conservative” Government of Britain headed by Boris Johnson.

Yes, that same government responsible for some of the strictest lockdowns and in fact, had gone through not just one but a series of three long lockdowns that heavily restricted Britain’s freedoms, liberties and the free movement among its citizens in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, it was only recently that England’s tough lockdown was lifted and punters could hit the pub (a British tradition).

And now instead of focusing on economic recovery, getting small, medium & family sized businesses back on their feet, encouraging workers to return to the workforce & to cut regulations to get projects rolled out faster, the British “Conservative” (really Conservative in name only-CINO) government is laser focused on shoring up their green credentials with a brand new 78% emissions reductions target by 2035.

Yes, you heard me right. A 78% emissions reductions target by 2035 which isn’t what they took to the last general election and one certainly not approved of by their conservative voters.

But this isn’t the first time that Boris Johnson has pandered to the Greens, he’s in the past has railed against a third runway at Heathrow Airport (even going as far as to promise to lay under the runway as protest against it being built). But if that isn’t worrying enough, Boris is the same Tory Prime Minister with a ten-point plan for a “Green Industrial Revolution” as well.

As it’s all for the COP26 conference in Glasgow of this year, the plan (as it’s laid out on the Government website will create up to 250,000 jobs) and although as we know, by axing the fossil fuel, oil & gas industries, all of those jobs will be gone forever & that it isn’t easy for those particular workers to transition from either fossil fuels, oil & gas to renewable energy and how can we be sure that there’ll be a green jobs boom? After all, we’re only talking about installing solar panels & constructing wind farms, aren’t we?

From producing offshore wind farms, phasing out of fossil-fuel based vehicles to replacing them with electric vehicles to transforming public transport to net-zero & making homes and schools greener than they currently are, all of this green plan will dramatically change the lives of Britons to fit a delusional green utopia.

Not only will all of this be a billion-pound expensive exercise in green virtue-signaling, but how can we be sure that all of this will bring down the global temperature & reduce carbon emissions? By this “green industrial revolution”, it seems like in order to beat climate change, homes, schools, public transport & vehicles must be transformed to be greener and less fossil-fuel friendly.

Already, the more extremist Greens of the climate change religion have proposed an even more radical plan, known as the Green New Deal which in America, has been the policy baby of progressive Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. When it was released, it proposed overhauling American buildings & it’s public transport as well as other similar radical measures to dramatically transform the livelihoods of American citizens under the claims of fighting the impending climate catastrophe.

And now in Britain, (although it isn’t called the “Green New Deal”), Boris Johnson & his ilks have drummed up the green industrial revolution which’ll not only drive his Conservative party to the wall but also the entire British economy as well.

All because he’s given his soul to the Greenies (most notably to his environmentalist virtue-signaling fiancée, Carrie Symonds).

But now the British Government is seriously ramping up it’s green credentials by announcing an impossible yet economy destroying heavy CO2 reductions target of 78% which hasn’t been approved by the British electorate, yet they’re going down that route no matter what. All because they’re pandering to the Greens and believe that by embracing their insane ideology, then they’ll be able to show them that they’re an environmentally conscious government to a group of individuals who view Conservatives as being evil planet-destroying free-market backers.

So, no matter what Boris Johnson & his government does, no matter how ridiculously and ludicrously high their climate targets are and no matter how much obscene pandering they commit to, their enemies of the green religion will never support them, instead they’re going to continuously push them to electoral annihilation since it’ll alienate, disenfranchise & disillusion conservative voters who’ll henceforth abandon them and protest vote against the Tories for betraying their conservative principles.

But for the Greens, they don’t care what happens to Conservative parties and would rather they be eliminated from the nation’s politics. All they care about is their green religion being implemented that’ll radically upturn society to bring about their eco-socialist and capitalist destroying utopia no matter the cost that it’ll bear to the nation’s economy.

Already in Germany, the country’s Energiewende, their renewable energy transition was viewed as a beacon for environmentalism by the world but despite all the praise it received, Germany was eventually forced to admit that it wasn’t going to be able to meet it’s deadline to phase out coal & also won’t meet it’s 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets as well.

And in a major article in Der Spiegel, titled “German Failure on the Road to a Renewable Future” (by Frank Dohmen, Alexander Jung, Stefan Schultz & Gerald Traufetter), it detailed the expensive failure of Energiewende. In it, the article states that Germany’s Federal Court of Auditors said in the past five years (the article was written in 2019), it’s cost 160 billion euros to transition the country away from nuclear to renewables. And also, in Der Spiegel, it cited estimates that for Germany, it’ll cost the country €3.4 trillion in order for the country to increase it’s solar and wind three to five-fold by the time 2050 hits.

And as energiewende was happening, countryside and rural German’s began to get fed-up over the wind farms that were being built and therefore blighting the landscape. Not to mention that tall and gigantic eye-sore bird-chomping wind farms are predators to flying birds who (tragically) get killed when they fly straight into the spinning turbines therefore, it threatens endangered bird species.

So not only is it financially wasteful, but it also hurts the countryside. And when German Chancellor, Angela Merkel declared in 2011 that her country will move away from nuclear power to renewables, it didn’t bring the end of fossil fuels and as wind turbines and solar panels were being built across Deutschland, they didn’t shut down coal fired power plants and in fact, Germany turning away from nuclear opened the path for the country to fall dependent on coal and to begin an incredibly expensive failed political project on renewables despite not transitioning out of coal & failing to meet it’s renewables target.

This is also the same country that simultaneously is struggling to meet it’s Paris climate targets as well.

Sadly though, all of this economy destroying exercise experienced by the Germans was more so an effort to redeem their actions of the last century, believing that spending billions upon billions will help them meet their goal of defeating climate change. And by 2025, they would’ve spent $580B in a vain effort to transition their nation & economy to a green-based one no matter whether renewables will work or not or would be as reliable as fossil fuels, oil and gas (or even nuclear).

But it isn’t just the crushing financial damage that’s concerning, It’s merely that renewables are not sustainable or are they reliable or resilient (as their advocate claim they are). For example in Texas, renewable energy caused a massive shock when they suffered an extraordinary 40,000% surge in electricity prices as Texas power prices jumped from a mere $15 to a $9,000 megwatt-hour in 2019 due to the retirement of coal power plants and weak winds that send the region into blackouts. And in the United Kingdom, they also suffered blackouts when a gas fired power plant named the Little Barford & the Hornsea offshore wind farm suffered power outages when Little Barford tripped & minutes later, the offshore wind farm went into unexpected shutdown.

Experts later blamed the UK’s over-reliance on wind farms for the blackouts which severely disrupted & lead to cancellations on dozens of rails networks & even stopping road traffic lights from working.

There are so many examples of how extraordinarily unreliable, financially damaging & environmentally hurtful renewable energy are, and yet despite repetitive and serial failures from the world, the Boris Johnson Govt seem absolutely and utterly determined to repeat the same mistakes in Britain all so he can show-off to the greens that he isn’t some rightwing planet destroyer who’ll let Mother Nature burn by not embracing renewable energy. Not embracing jacking up electricity prices to stratospheric levels that’ll see manufacturing (& high-intensive) industries forced to shut down, households hit with eye-watering power costs, frequent blackouts & the nation’s finances taking a shocking dive.  
It’ll ruin the Conservative party’s agenda of being nation builders and strengthening the economy, it’ll put people out of work and into poverty and the party from government into opposition. But sadly, Johnson reminds blind to the dangerous political and economic consequences that this’ll bear on him. He’ll face disgruntled and angry conservative voters at the poll who’ll no doubt abandon the Tories for having given into the economy destroying greenies.

It’s a betrayal of conservative voters & of the British economy and it’ll be the price Boris will pay if he doesn’t wake up.

Look at Germany and other places Boris, what happened there will happen to the UK.

There’s no need to go green-left in order to be a party that is pro-climate change because that’s not the only environmental issue. From preserving the country’s already existing heritage landmarks from being captured by nature as well as it’s national parks along dealing with waste export & the country’s waste management and protecting and working to save endangered flora and fauna species are some of the more important environmental issues that deserve to be focused on, not economic destructive eco-socialist nonsense and/or attempting to sacrifice modern prosperity & wealth to fight against something that happens normally and incrementally.

And as if Boris needs any further example of why going green-left would be electorally and politically destructive to his whopping Tory majority in the Commons, he should look at what happened to the British Conservatives down under (as in the WA Liberal party) which got decimated in the recent WA state election, largely thanks to former leader Zak Kirkup’s outlandish hard Greens policy of wanting to go carbon neutral by 2030 & to shut down WA’s only remaining coal power plant (in Collie) by 2025.

As a result, WA voters turned on the WA Liberals and the party almost became obliterated at the polls. And for Kirkup, he paid a heavy price and lost his seat before resigning as the party leader in a devastating election.

An electoral outcome like that is possible for Johnson if he continues to be under the influence of his green virtue-signaling fiancée, Carrie Symonds & the green religion.

He & his No.10 bunker might not realise that but when they do, it’ll be too late. After all, renewables were not meant to power a modern nation. To transition an entire modern energy-powered & technologically heavy country to being sorely reliant on windmills and solar panels is delusion at best & arrogance at worst. It’s a financial travesty and pure economic vandalism that’ll end in tears & a British Conservatives party in utter tatters and in pain.

Wake the hell up Boris.

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