The Queensland Labor Government has dropped plans to increase regulations for home educators outlined in its Education (General Provisions) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024.

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More than double the number of families with children being educated at home wrote submissions to the Queensland Government which was proposing to legislate against home educating parents to:

  • “enhance the regulation of home education” and streamline the home education registration process
  • remove the use of gendered language
  • acknowledging wellbeing, inclusion and diversity”

The Miles Labor Government is trying to force home educating families into teaching only the national curriculum, clamping down on the God-given freedom and parental authority that many hold sacred. Surely one of the most important reasons to protect home education is to differ from the government on what children should be taught about virtues and character.

The bill isn’t going away, per se, but rather is being drafted further, following extensive feedback that the proposed changes could lead to unintended consequences. One area mentioned for special concern includes regulation around home schooling in Queensland. In a media release, Education Minister Hon Di Farmer, said:

I have listened to education stakeholders who have made it clear both through the committee process and through ongoing meetings I have been having with them, that more work needs to be done.


I will also be establishing a Home Education Advisory Group to consider in detail how we ensure children being home schooled are receiving the high quality education.


Additional, a review will commence into the role of the Home Education Unit to how best it can help not only better regulate, but provide important support to families who choose to home school.


All Queensland children are entitled to be safe wherever they live and learn and as a former Child Safety Minister I understand too well that this is not always the case.


I want to thank all stakeholders for their passion for education and these amendments will affect the future education of thousands of young Queenslanders so it’s important that we get them right.

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Rob Norman, Queensland Director for the Australian Christian Lobby said:

We commend the minister for listening to the 23,401 petitioners and 900 individuals and organisations who wrote submissions to the Committee.


This is a win for home schooling parents and a win for grass roots political activism.

Premier Steven Miles said:

I have always said I will listen to Queenslanders and act when I need to, which is why I worked with Minister Farmer to ensure we heard the concerns of teachers.

No one knows children or what they need as well as their own parents. The home educated children I’ve met in my travels of Australia in recent years are the best socialised, the most attentive and the most engaged with the world around them.

Surely imposing rigid conformity in private homes to the post-modern nihilism and hedonism of government mandated curriculum is a recipe for social division, moral failure and mental health epidemics – which is coincidentally what we’re witnessing in modern society!

It’s an election year in Queensland. If you’d like to write a polite note to thank the Minister for listening, you can email her office on Queensland residents might also let all candidates for their electorate know they must promise to completely protect home education if they wanted to be elected.

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