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Isabel Brown is a Gen Z conservative voice with degrees from Colorado State University and Georgetown University. She is a Turning Point USA Contributor and the host of a daily show with TPUSA Productions, “Freedom Seeds”. Isabel is the author of Frontlines: Finding My Voice on an American College Campus, an Amazon bestseller.

Isabel speaks regularly on campuses nationwide, has produced content with PragerU, and is also a former U.S. Senate and White House intern. You’ll often see Isabel on national news networks, from Fox News to Newsmax, and you might recognise her from her photo on the cover of Newsweek magazine!

You can follow her on Instagram/Facebook/Parler @theIsabelBrown and Twitter @theIsabelB.

The Coincidence - a novel by Gabriel Moens

Joel Agius is a young Catholic conservative writer currently studying journalism and creative writing with Griffith University. He writes on freedom, religion and the human condition, mainly focusing on the Australian and US social and political scenes. He also volunteers as a Special Religious Education teacher in State primary schools, and occasionally contributes to The Spectator. You can find him on Twitter or read his work over at his blog. If you would like to support his work, you can click here.

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