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There are a range of emotions most conservatives are feeling right now. Perhaps the two inspiring this opinion piece in me are disappointment and grief, but not in the way you might assume if you’re at all given to making assumptions.

I’m disappointed at the collective mainstream media, including those outlets normally reliable for at least some right thinking and honesty. Their ‘reporting’ of the US election and Trump’s decision to not prematurely concede a most irregular election can only now be described as malicious deceit.

It’s too kind to call them biased. It’s generous to call them prejudiced. It’s inadequate to describe them as simply “fake news”.

Most of them are deliberately lying.

I can’t accept there is such multiplied gross incompetence amongst these swarms of university educated ‘journalists’ that they have collectively failed to honestly investigate and even-handedly report the plurality of voting irregularities in nearly all of the swing states.

I can’t believe none of them are old enough to remember the 2000 Presidential election which was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States more than thirty days later in December, and therefore to be forgiven for thinking they and not the duly authorised umpires of electoral disputes are entitled to anoint the winner of this election.

By the way, how galling is it for Australia’s would-be Christian conservative Prime Minister to preempt the American electoral process and congratulate the manifestly corrupt wannabe president when the incumbent has not yet conceded and the proper legal processes have not been completed, and thereby enabling the lying media’s pathological deceit?

Whose side is he on? Truth? No. Conservative law and order? No. The American people? Clearly not. The mainstream media?

But I digress…

News.com.au today tweeted an article labeling it an “update” with the extraordinarily partisan claim President Trump “is refusing to accept his humiliating election loss.”

What election is the writer, Alexis Carey, describing?

Is it the 2020 election when the collective corporate media predicted a “humiliating” destruction of the Trump Administration by at least 7% if not 10%, but reality proved perhaps only a paltry 2% differential in the legally-irrelevant popular vote?

Is it the 2020 election when President Donald Trump received more votes of support across the nation this time than Hillary Clinton or any other candidate in prior history?

Surely all the self-gratifying ‘journalists’ Toobining all over the internet about the “humiliating” Trump campaign couldn’t be talking about the 2020 election where Trump massively exceeded expectations with precisely the voters the Democrats claimed to be moral champions of in contrast to The Don.

According to Matt Walsh over at The Daily Wire:

Indeed, it seems he won more minority votes than any Republican in 60 years.


According to exit polls, while Trump’s white male support dipped by five percent, it rose among women and minorities of both sexes. 17% of black men broke for Trump, as opposed to 13% in 2016. His support among black women doubled from 4% to 8%. Latino men and women both rose by 3%. This dynamic is the opposite of what you’d expect from one of the most racist presidents in history, as Biden and the rest of the Democrat Party have dubbed him.

Biden Democrats can claim no mandate for their divisive identity politics & the critical race theories adored by the Democrat Washington swamp and mainstream media (but I repeat myself).

In a campaign that the Democrats and mainstream media (but I repeat myself) determined was all about Trump, his personality and character, the arrogantly expected Democratic net gains of up to 20 seats in Congress certainly did not happen, despite large scale Republican retirements. The opposite is set to happen with Republicans likely to double their ranks of women and pick up seven to twelve additional seats, in addition to retaining control of the Senate.

That Democrats will probably retain control of the House (Congress) is thanks only to an actual blue wave in 2018 which gave them a 235-199 advantage going into 2020. That lead has now been significantly eroded, and the usual mid-term backlash against whichever party controls the Oval Office will further reduce if not eliminate their lead, making a possible Biden presidency all but useless.

The extraordinary amount of money thrown at this election by Democrats to subsequently see their Republican targets not only survive but thrive on the Trump train is the most glaringly obvious election humiliation this year, to any honest observer – which “journalists” are not.

Collectively, with some notable exceptions of course, the once noble profession of journalism has become a debased trade of turning tricks, selling their virtue to any exploitative ‘John’ willing to give their warts & wrinkles a second glance and part with two dollars, and lying to everyone they know about what they really do for a living.

“Screw the nation” just doesn’t get as much quiet approval in polite company as “journalism” when asked about what they do to earn a dollar, but that is their job. It’s vulgar, it’s promiscuous, it’s family-wrecking – but that’s just another story in the day of the lying media. They’re pimped out by editors and mastheads who brought you the remorseless undefinition of words like marriage, health care and gender.

They were unfaithful to their devoted readers and viewers who only wanted the Truth in return, for better or for worse. They prostituted themselves to unsubstantiated and baseless allegations of Russian election interference in 2016 and Trump abusing his office to investigate fraud in the Ukraine; only to then claim election fraud was impossible in 2020 and the documented Biden influence for cash in the Ukraine was “disputed”.

Can anyone doubt the heat they would have brought to bare if a son of Trump instead of Biden had such damning evidence discovered on his discarded laptop? Can anyone doubt Twitter and Facebook wouldn’t have battered an adulterous eyelash at any article exposing those facts?

One needs little imagination to speculate the crushing electoral defeat Trump would have wreaked on any Democrat candidate if the lying media’s thumb wasn’t on the scales; if the playing field was level. Their job is not ad sales & entertainment, but honesty and integrity in reporting, with clear delineation of news from commentary. Their duty of care is to equally scrutinise both sides of the aisle, to not simply pay lip service to balance and fairness in reporting.

The lying media’s intent in prophesying massive Republican losses under Trump to “moderates” like Biden and Harris was clear, as is their desperation to now vindicate themselves with the faintest glimmer of hope for the Biden bid. To that end, they have their fingers in their ears and their eyes squeezed tightly shut as they shout “Biden, Biden, Biden” like a pagan invocation of the dead as if they can summon his political resurrection.

The addled husk of a man, who ended his campaign days before breakfast, who could barely attract a Girl Guides troop to a handful of public rallies, and who even in the final week introduced his granddaughter in a public street as his long dead son is to be pitied for the horrible disease he’s so obviously being ravaged by.

But the lying media then compared the boundless campaign energy and indomitable crowds of Donald Trump and told us Biden was a shoe-in. This, despite the egg already on their face following the “humiliating defeat” of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Now they fuel scorn of the President for refusing to concede, but instead vigorously pursuing every legal option to count every legal vote and ensure the important election was both free and fair.

They willingly ignore that the hash tag, “Not my President” embodies the monolithic rejection of election results since 2016, and that their beloved Hillary advised:

Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out and eventually I do believe he will win if we don’t give an inch, and if we are focused and relentless as the other side is.”



The lying harlot, aka mainstream media, is setting America up for deeply wounding anger when the Courts remove illegally cast and counted votes, should that be the final result and Trump declared the winner.

They willfully ignore the incomprehensible fact of counting in secret, banning Republican observers from meaningful access, and fighting — then ignoring — court orders requiring it.

Can you imagine if Australian Electoral Commission staff excluded Liberal Party scrutineers and locked them out of counting or told them to stand on the other side of a school hall after ballots closed? It’s beyond belief, comparable to the most corrupt Marxist regimes in developing nations, and at best: deeply suspicious.

Yet the lying harlot asks no questions, raises no flags, credits no query. Instead, in Australia, they decry former MP Joe Hockey as irresponsible for countenancing the very probability that fraud always happens at least on some scale. Never mind that US Courts ordered a new election after such mail-in voter fraud just months ago. But now, when unsolicited ballots were sent to millions of people across far more than just one small state, the lying harlot promises her lovers cheating just isn’t possible, and she’s offended and angry at the very suggestion.

They repeat the lie that Trump has had no victories in challenging results in Court, ignoring even the Court order that Republicans be given meaningful access to scrutinise counting. SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito also ordered Pennsylvania to segregate ballots received after 8pm on election day, “and that all such ballots, if counted, be counted separately”.


Because the Pennsylvania election law states explicitly that for a ballot to be validly cast it must be received by election officials before 8:00 pm on election day. Despite various politicians and judges presuming to be authorised to change the election law and extend that deadline by three days, they can’t. That can only be done by duly passed legislation. “Count every legal vote” is surely an uncontroversial statement, unless you’re a lying harlot who will be exposed for the morally ambiguous “media” you pretend not to be every day.

Pennsylvania has 20 Electoral College votes, and 21 is all the lead Biden has. When SCOTUS flips that call and Trump wins just one other disputed state, Trump will be declared the winner by those authorised to make that call – not the lying harlot.

My grief

I fear what will erupt on the streets of those Democrat cities which were boarded up before the election in the certainty of violence when Donald Trump was re-elected.

The lying harlot has repeatedly insisted “America is divided”, denying the reality of the mosaic beauty of the diversity of 350 million individuals. She mourns the delays in imposing her preferred vision of society: uniformly ‘progressive’ ideas like industrialised child sacrifice, universal but unsolvable white racism, and infinitely expansive and intrusive government.

She has assembled the kindling, stacked the dry wood stories deep, and is now hosing fuel onto the social bonfire to be lit by the election umpires overturning her impotent and premature election call.

I grieve that the coming mayhem was completely avoidable if mainstream media had been faithful to their vows instead of giving birth to Joe Biden’s bastard election.

If per chance the exhaustion of legal avenues confirms the media’s call, there will not be the same city-burning “mostly peaceful” rioting in Republican cities as has marked Democrat cities in 2020. In one sense, it seems easier to surrender to the will of the Red Light District which mainstream media has become.

It’s far harder to fight for justice & Truth, to demand irregularities be remedied and the electoral laws followed to the letter in the spirit of constitutional fidelity. But anything less is to sell ourselves, our families and the future to exploitative slavery to unscrupulous mercenaries.

So fight to the last we must, and for once and all give up hoping for honesty or faithfulness from the lying harlot.

Dave Pellowe is a Christian writer & commentator, founder of The Good Sauce, convener of the annual Australian Church And State Summit and host of Good Sauce's weekly The Church And State Show, also syndicated on ADH TV. Since 2016 Dave has undertaken the mission of arming Christians to influence culture through events from Perth to Auckland, videos, podcasts and articles published in multiple journals across Australia and New Zealand. [more]

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