Making a Mockery of Adam Goodes - Bernard Gaynor

Why doesn’t KK want people to know Tarrant stated that:

  1. Climate change was the most pressing issue facing the world;
  2. Communist China was the nation that he felt most aligned to; and
  3. he began his political activism with communists?

Tarrant’s goal was to foment violence & usher in governments with the will and the power to take forcible violent action against their own citizens to reduce world population. He ascribes to an ideology best labelled as eco-terrorism. It is part environmentalism & part racism.

Tarrant also believes in a kind of ethnic or racial environmentalism. He essentially wanted populations to return to their homelands. He recognised that multiculturalism in any given society is a friction point & hoped to provoke violence to force populations to do just that.

So, strangely, Tarrant is actually a global multiculturalist. He has no real issue with any particular race, creed or religion. He, instead, believes that they should be confined to their ancient areas to ensure harmony & for environmental reasons.

Importantly Tarrant offers no ideological critique of Islam. He just believes Islamic people should live in Islamic lands. He is not against Islam per se, he is against Muslims living in the West. He’s a mix of woke secularism, racism & the idea that the ethnic state is god.

In many ways, Tarrant’s violent & abhorrent worldview is a militarised extension of woke beliefs that indigenous populations are the font of all local environmental knowledge.

For example, Aboriginals are the only people who know how to care for Australia & Europeans should return & live like the Norse pagans of old…

Anyone who reads and understands Tarrant’s manifesto would know that it is proof that woke greenies can be violent racial segregationists. Maybe that’s why Kristina Keneally wants to keep it hidden. I say it’s abhorrent & it should be read to understand what drives these psychos.

The truth is the next Tarrant is far more likely to be a budding social justice warrior wagging school to join the crowd at a protest against climate change than the old man at a Liberal party meeting.

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Bernard Gaynor is a decorated veteran of three deployments to Iraq with the Australian Army serving with military intelligence specialising in Arabic language and culture. A Catholic conservative with the courage to speak up when totalitarian political-correctness demands silence, he is deeply interested in the loss of values in modern society and its impact on all aspects of life. He is prepared to breach enemy lines with valour to defend Australia’s traditional way of life, particularly on the political and cultural fronts.

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