The Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion policy research organisation, this week tweeted their criticism of a federal court’s decision to allow a Tennessee law prohibiting abortions based on reasons of either Down syndrome diagnosis, sex or race of the child.

More than a dozen states have similar bans in place. Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee said:

“Our law prohibits abortion based on the race, gender, or diagnosis of Down syndrome of the child and the court’s decision will save lives. Protecting our most vulnerable Tennesseans is worth the fight.”

According to the National Down Syndrome Society, a human rights organisation for individuals with Down syndrome, about 6,000 babies with Down syndrome are born in the United States each year. One wonders how many more might be born and enjoying their life today if not for such discrimination as advocated by the abortion industry.

Prenatal screens do not tell parents for sure whether their baby has Down syndrome; they only provide a probability. They can be wrong. The diagnostic procedures available for a nearly 100% accurate prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome carry up to a 1% risk of causing a spontaneous termination (miscarriage).

100 years ago children with DS rarely reached their teens. Today as many as 80% will reach age 60 and many even longer. People with DS are increasingly included in society and education, business and recreation organisations.

While people with Down syndrome are increasingly benefiting from social acceptance and inclusion, it’s been a long time since most of society systemically and lawfully discriminated against people from minority races or women.

The abortion industry is still clearly mired in extremist hatred and prejudice against people with disabilities, racial diversity or biologically female. For them to so brazenly oppose bans on disability, race or sex reasons for abortion illustrates their radical fundamentalism obscures their ability to objectively consider the ethics of competing human rights claims.

They advocate the ‘right’ of a mother to kill her child at any stage before birth even if both mother and child are completely healthy — simply because her child is black, female or may have Down syndrome. Heaven help the intersectional babies with all three attributes!

Who is the “Guttmacher Institute”?

According to their own website:

The Guttmacher Institute was founded in 1968 as the Center for Family Planning Program Development.


The Center was originally housed within the corporate structure of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA).

Its early development was “nurtured” by Alan F. Guttmacher, an abortion provider and apologist, who was Planned Parenthood’s president for more than a decade until his death in 1974. He was also vice-president of the American Eugenics Society (which goes a long way to explaining the Institute’s ‘ethics’), and a member of the Association for Voluntary Sterilisation (AVS).

AVS believed in long disproved theories of over-population, among other noxious ideas, and has also gone by the names, Sterilisation League For Human Betterment and Birthright, which promoted “all reliable and scientific means for improving the biological stock of the human race.”

Another notable member of AVS was none other than Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger.

In the wake of global awareness of precisely how evil eugenics was, they changed their name to Human Betterment Association for Voluntary Sterilisation in 1962, still tipping their hat to the notion the world could be improved by preventing some births, a notion clearly embraced by the abortion industry today. They finally dropped the words “Human Betterment” three years later.

AVS underwent several more name changes before arriving at its current name in 2001, EngenderHealth.

The Center for Family Planning Program Development was renamed in Dr. Guttmacher’s memory, and remained a special affiliate of PPFA until 2007, also receiving their financial support until 2010.

The Guttmacher Institute’s annual budget of approximately $20 million is derived largely from private foundations, government agencies, multilateral organisations and individual contributions.

Abortion and Euthanasia – Eugenics by another name

Leftists love killing people who are too much bother at either end of life.

They’ve gotten better at marketing it though. Euphemisms like “Human Betterment” have been replaced with “health care” & “reproductive rights”, but they nevertheless still openly attempt to rationalise countless individuals killing their children if disabled, the ‘wrong’ race or gender, or conceived to parents in less than ideal economic or social circumstances. There’s little difference.

Leftists fight for all kinds of novel human ‘rights’ but squirm and tantrum when real & timeless human rights like life embarrass their evil disposition to discriminate with fatal consequences.

Dave Pellowe is a Christian writer & commentator, founder of The Good Sauce, convener of the annual Australian Church And State Summit and host of Good Sauce's weekly The Church And State Show, also syndicated on ADH TV. Since 2016 Dave has undertaken the mission of arming Christians to influence culture through events from Perth to Auckland, videos, podcasts and articles published in multiple journals across Australia and New Zealand. [more]

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