Become a Sender

“Senders” donate much needed funds for the ongoing mission of The Good Sauce, which includes producing quality, original video content, voter education and uncensored issue commentary via email updates, live Studio Audience events and right-thinking conferences around Australia.

In 2023 we not only convened the 6th annual Australian Church And State Summit, but are also taking the conference to Perth and Adelaide, and launched a weekly show on The Good Sauce and ADH TV to equip tens of thousands more Australians to influence politics and culture. We also accept as many speaking invitations as possible to events where we spread the good news and training about important public issues.

Echoing the writings of St John, we call such coworkers in this mission, Senders – people like you who are sending us forward, further, faster.

When you commit to donating just $20 per month (or more), you will be issued a membership code to receive the following benefits in appreciation of your generosity.

  • 25% off Summit and conference General Admission tickets
  • 50% off Studio Audience Main Event tickets
  • Early notice of strictly limited VIP events with special guests at Studio Audience events.
  • $200 off CAS Senders’ Dinners (at Summit & Conferences)
  • Invitations to occasional, exclusive Senders’ events with special guests, either in person or online.

If you haven’t received your Senders membership code within a week of beginning your partnership, please email with details so we can identify your giving and set you up as an official Sender.

Direct deposit account details

Please be sure to include your email address or mobile number in the transfer description so we can match with the bank statements and offer you any relevant partner offers.

  • Account name: The Good Sauce
  • BSB number: 034-605
  • Account number: 598 872

The Westpac SWIFT code for overseas payments is WPACAU2S.

If you would prefer to bypass the possibility of being cancelled by Big Finance, here are our popular crypto wallets.

  • Bitcoin (BTC) : 1NZRA97gdG1WjwTp7zZahZyQUdAz799kXZ
  • Ethereum (ETH): 0x0a501e95104be77e408964fd0a1b61f2268ee873
  • Cardano (ADA): addr1q944nv82x7lm693uezkcav8clwtmmxhryd7t6l6qg9vsgzx6s0qr3rpd6asg9nkkvywj79dfn66vjkprgpsm2na8fw8sg5rz33

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