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It’s more important than ever to have independent voices in the media who don’t filter the “news” through the lens of cultural Marxism, dividing nations between imaginary classes of the “oppressed” and the “oppressors” – identity politics.

Such an immense enterprise as this is not sustainable & cannot grow without your monthly support so we can confidently plan essential production & promotion budgets.

The Good Sauce is unique in that our immediate goal is to produce a weekly video and/or podcast show for six to ten of Australia’s leading conservative voices, as well as original news & opinion articles to keep you informed every day. For that we need to raise just $100,000 to build & fitout office & studio space immediately, as well as a monthly budget employ a production team.

Within a year we aim to be broadcasting a nightly news bulletin to replace the mainstream media’s “orange man bad” & “everyone’s a racist” narratives posing as objective journalism.

While we’d all like the national broadcaster at least forced to return to its chartered purpose if not defunded/privatised, we then need to put our money where our mouth is and voluntarily support the free-market production of the media services we want to see stick around.

Thank you for doing what you can to help The Good Sauce produce more independent voices beyond the reach of leftist infestation, SJW boycotts & corporate censors.

If you would like to direct deposit your support, here are the bank account details to use. Please use your email address in the description for our records.

Account Name: The Good Sauce
BSB: 034605
A/c: 598 872

The Westpac SWIFT code for overseas payments is WPACAU2S

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