Had enough of the mainstream media & fake news?
Do you find the quality of “news” frequently frustrating? Does the “reporting” of political news rarely seem balanced?

Sincere discussions on policy ideas is vital to having a healthy democracy. No matter who you normally vote for, we need to be able to consider and understand other perspectives, if only to better refute them.

If you want a deeper understanding of the issues than is usually offered by the mainstream media, you want The Good Sauce.

The Good Sauce is fan-funded through monthly and one-time donations. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a donation.

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The Good Sauce is unique in that our mission is to proactively amplify & promote some of Australia’s leading conservative voices. We’re doing this by producing multiple weekly video and/or podcast shows and publishing them without advertising, corporate sponsors or paywalls. We then add further value to your honest news experience with original news & opinion articles to keep you informed every day.

Within a year we aim to be broadcasting a nightly news bulletin to displace the mainstream media’s Marxist narratives posing as objective journalism.

For what we’re already doing plus the planned growth we need to establish office & studio space immediately, as well as a monthly budget to sustain a quality production team to compete with the old media.

Thank you for doing what you can to help The Good Sauce produce more independent voices beyond the reach of leftist infestation, SJW boycotts & corporate censors.

If you would like to direct deposit your support, here are the bank account details to use. Please use your email address in the description for our records.

Account Name: The Good Sauce
BSB: 034605
A/c: 598 872

The Westpac SWIFT code for overseas payments is WPACAU2S

Studio Fitout | Stage 1

We have a shed right now where we film on a temporary green screen amidst the sawdust. It’s biggish for a shed, but just a modest start for a TV studio. To make more, better conservative media we need to make this a permanent home with a permanent green screen, lighting, insulation, set design, electronics & air conditioning.

We receive no government funding. If this initiative is to grow, it will take fan funding, grassroots buy-in from people like you who are sick enough of the divisive, anti-family, Marxist guff pumped out in corporate media to do something about it.

Your donation will help Good Sauce fit out & equip a basic studio to produce more independent video media and podcasts, keeping these important conversations from being shut down and censored. Donors will also get behind the scenes access to before, during and after construction photos / video.

Our goal is complete fit-out in time for an election night livestream Oct 31!

(Direct deposit = BSB: 034-605, A/c = 598872 — please note purpose)


Big Tech are literally censoring the facts they don't want you to know, like expert criticism of Covid policies and US election irregularities:

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