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It’s happening all over the Western world.

Churches and are being burnt to the ground.


In mid-July the French cathedral at Nantes was hit by an arsonist. Construction on this magnificent gothic structure commenced before Christopher Columbus discovered America. We’re lucky it’s still with us now but it has been badly damaged.

US – Mississippi

In the United States scores of churches and religious statues have been destroyed this year and especially in the past few weeks.

In May a Pentecostal Church in Mississippi was destroyed after it commenced legal action against Corona virus restrictions. Graffiti and a symbol used by atheist groups was found spray painted on the ground outside the church doors by firefighters.

US – Shaun King Twitter

Then Black Lives Matter activist, Shaun King, wrote on Twitter that:

“All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down.

They are a gross from white supremacy.

Created as tools of oppression.

Racist propaganda.

They should all come down.”

US – Boston

And that’s when the heat really turned up.

Statues of the Virgin Mary were set alight – this one in Boston.

US – Four churches

Over one weekend in mid-July, four Catholic churches in America were set on fire or vandalised, including the 249 year old San Gabriel Mission in California.

US – Florida

In Florida, a church was set alight during Mass after a man rammed his vehicle into it and then poured petrol into the foyer before lighting it up.

US – St Johns

And, of course, the Black Lives Matter protests kicked off with an arson attack against the historic St John’s Church just over the road from the White House.

Australia – Melbourne

Lest you think that Australia is immune from this anti-Christian hatred, think again. We have been facing a violent assault on Christianity for some time.

In 2015, three Catholic churches in Melbourne were burnt in one week, including the heritage-listed St James Church in Brighton which was gutted.

Actress Rachel Griffiths told ABC radio in Melbourne the day after this fire that she was ‘quite elated, like many of her generation, when she heard the news’.

Australia – Marriage 1

Then during the campaign to revolutionise marriage, Christians were told that they should be crucified and bashed

Australia – Marriage 2

…while violence-loving vandals proudly gate crashed a Coalition for Marriage event to hold up a banner screaming ‘Burn churches not queers’, complete with the atheist logo…

Australia – ACL bombing

And who can forget that the headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby was actually bombed during this campaign…

Australia – Bundaberg

And in February this year a church in Bundaberg was burnt to the ground by an arsonist…

This is just a summary of some of the attacks Christians in the Western world and Australia have faced in recent times. It is by no means exhaustive.

I could provide many more examples.

But if you are Christian you should be under no illusions: there are increasing numbers of people in our society who want to harm you because of your religious views.

And even if you are not Christian you should still be alarmed: this violence is directed at the very core principles of Western civilisation. This is orchestrated politically-motivated violence with one intention. It is a revolution against our way of life.

There will be more of this to come.

You should expect to see blood on the altars.

And there will be blood because these actual hate crimes are largely ignored by the media, the politicians and most of all by the anti-discrimination industry. When was the last time you heard the Australian Human Rights Commission speak out against anti-Christian violence?

That’s right.

You haven’t.

Actual anti-Christian violence is not something that interests this mob. They’re more interested in complaining about the date of Australia Day.

The situation is so bad that, in the case of the targeted attack against the Australian Christian Lobby, the Federal Police even went so far as to claim, officially, that it was not an attack or even targeted even though the man who confessed to this crime told police that he specifically targeted the Australian Christian Lobby for its views on marriage.

What we are witnessing is terrorism. Except this time it’s not being orchestrated by the Islamic State, it’s being conducted by home grown jihadis.

And you should expect more of it to come.

As the election approaches in the United States it is clear that atheistic militant feel so emboldened that they are now lighting churches on fire with people inside.

Without a doubt, there will be more violence in America between now and election day and Australian groups of Antifa will do their best to follow suit.

If your church does not have security already, now is probably a good time for it to be installed. Otherwise it might not be standing there next Sunday.

Bernard Gaynor is a decorated veteran of three deployments to Iraq with the Australian Army serving with military intelligence specialising in Arabic language and culture. A Catholic conservative with the courage to speak up when totalitarian political-correctness demands silence, he is deeply interested in the loss of values in modern society and its impact on all aspects of life. He is prepared to breach enemy lines with valour to defend Australia’s traditional way of life, particularly on the political and cultural fronts.

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