WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE is perhaps the world’s most famous playwright, the master of drama, and Hamlet one of his most well known works. In the scene where the characters are themselves putting on a play within Shakespeare’s play, a lady goes to great lengths to declare her undying love in an effort to conceal her guilt. When asked by Prince Hamlet what she thinks of this surreptitious reflection of herself, Queen Gertrude willingly observes the insincerity.

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

That quote has become a response to any display of insincerity evidenced by overacting. It is marvellously fitting of today’s “progressive” leftists who take great efforts to constantly signal their own virtue with such effort one has to also suspect their sincerity.

Drama has again been used to observe the real-world racism of people protesting “systemic racism” yet unable to point out any real examples right thinking people would gladly help change if it were real. Instead, the insincerely self-described “anti-racists” ignore the greatest direct causes of death and suffering amongst minority communities, specifically taxpayer-funded abortion clinics and endemic violence in these communities. Instead of facing & helping solve these real injustices of epic proportions they pivot & deflect to double down on the myth of “systemic racism”.

Comedian Ryan Long has published a 104 second sketch highlighting the latent racism of “woke” folk by contrasting them with the objects of their most vicious criticism, racists. The fact is they are equally racist as each other and agree on nearly everything.

  • Your racial identity is the most important thing.
  • Everything should be looked at through the lens of race.
  • Minorities are a united group that think, act & vote the same.
  • Discrimination laws should be rolled back so employers can hire based on race again.
  • White actors should only do voices for white cartoon characters.
  • Being white is a privilege.
  • Black people should only shop at black businesses.


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