If we take mainstream media as gospel, American elections are Vladimir Putin’s plaything. He installs presidents like oligarchs parade yachts, boasting about his latest model on the way to climate-champagne-get-togethers.

At least, that’s what CNN thinks.

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Anonymous fact-checkers working for organisations that have a vested interest in ‘approved truth’ all agree that Trump was given the presidency so that Russia could control America. It must have been a terrible shock when Trump turned on Putin and started messing around with Russia’s powerful right arm – China – by moving swathes of valuable American manufacturing out of its grasp.

Trump’s presidency destabilised Russia’s terrorist oil-rich mate Iran with debilitating sanctions, while simultaneously padding out America’s allies in the Pacific to make China’s expansionist smorgasbord more difficult to digest. If allowed to continue, another four years of Trump had the potential to tilt the whole global game away from unelected bureaucracies and back toward national sovereignty.

A strong America with a rising cluster of old friends in strategic places around the globe? The UK and US sealing trade deals without the interference of slippery EU fingers? A disempowered United Nations being forced to pay its own bills?


This is probably why Russia ditched Trump and replaced him with Biden in an election that will forever be side-eyed as ‘not quite convincing’.

After clearing out all the domestic terrorists waving American flags and singing the National Anthem, Russia suspected that they’d finally got it right – and maybe they have. Since being hung up in the White House by a few heavily-accented painters, President Biden has improved business for the ‘New World Order’. The cheque books are open, the military has been safely packed away, and corks are popping for COP26.

One of his first actions was to lift sanctions on Tehran before gifting Afghanistan to the Taliban with the compliments of a full army. He has poured billions into China’s renewables coffers and generally gone a bit soft on the whole ‘America First’ idea. Winning is ‘racist’, so it is best for everyone if America loses for a while to atone for saving everyone’s arses in the last two world wars.

(All that other Biden stuff involving ‘children stroking his hairy legs’ and a son with multiple missing laptops littered with pornhub accounts were a bonus gift not included with Putin’s original purchase.)

To celebrate, Russia has started up a little game of Chinese Whispers, murmuring sweet nothings into Xi Jinping’s ear. “Go on, Comrade… One little island. No one will notice.”

Contrary to gossip, Russia does not want China to rule the world. A world policed by an expansionist Communist force that keeps several nuclear-armed religious terrorists as pets is in no one’s best interest. It is more a case of Russia encouraging China and the West to expend all their resources scratching each other’s eyes out from a safe distance. After both superpowers have limped off to the emergency ward, Russia will be free to quietly unite all the ‘stans’ and surrounding territories back into the old Soviet Empire.

Russia’s influence is quiet but vast – historical yet deeply rooted. No one stands to win more from the next global conflict than the vodka-soaked commies.

The problem with this narrative is that Russia didn’t play kingmaker with US presidents. Sure, they put on a golden shower sideshow, but Putin is a spectator at this football match, laughing his arse off as players fumble around the field scoring own-goals.

When looking for puppet masters, America must hunt closer to home.

Every time a new industry rises to power, it creates a class of wealthy interests that disrupt existing political structures. During the Industrial revolution, factory owners wielded credit that dwarfed the noble houses of England. The weight of the pockets distorted Parliament and forever changed the landscape of the Westminster system.

The Unlucky Country - Zimmermann & Moens

The rise of Silicon Valley as the dominant social and economic force has warped reality so severely that we are unable to see the curve of our new world while standing on the surface.

Antitrust laws designed to prevent the construction of dangerous monopolies have failed, with policymakers unable to recognise the threat posed by Big Tech and politicians desperate to capitalise on an all-powerful kingmaker.

Billions of competitive voices once protected the truth, but the Digital Age is owned by a handful of silent gods.

Monopolies are unlawful when they are combined with anti-competitive behaviour – so why did no one touch Silicon Valley during their public collusion to destroy market competitors Gab and Parler? Why aren’t regulators interested in hundreds of documented cases that demonstrate these companies deleting voices overnight to silence views that threaten political candidates? Digital monopolies are not an accident, they are encouraged to do the ‘big state’s bidding. In effect, Silicon Valley is work-around to unpopular policy.

When government gets this close to ruthless monopolies, politicians extend their power through the corporate structure like a virus. This will eventually kill the host, suffocating the corporate entity it has possessed with demands that destroy the quality of the product consumers originally purchased. In the meantime, consumers are likely to find themselves wedged between a corporate and government, where use of a once voluntary service becomes an unofficial mandate.

This structure is unsustainable, but the catastrophic failures built into our current layer of civilisation have gone unnoticed for decades. Errors were compounded and hidden with plasterboard and paint. Every now and then we heard the building groan, but now that our system is under strain we can see it swaying in the wind.

The Biden election was a pressure test. When the social narrative started going horribly wrong for the Democrats, it wasn’t Russia that interfered in democracy – it was Silicon Valley.

After years of buying up or pushing out competition in the social platform space, a tiny collection of companies prevailed as the gatekeepers of our public forum. Instead of laws to protect free speech, we were left with ‘community standards’ devised with an agenda to subvert truth.

Safeguarding free speech for the masses is meant to be a sacred task, but was almost immediately debased by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. In this brave new world, ‘truth’ is for sale while ‘facts’ are up for negotiation.

The coordinated removal of President Trump – leader of the allegedly free world – from social media, is the most obvious symptom of an out-of-control Digital Empire.

In reality, the bulk of the damage was done by shadowy algorithms and deep pockets. CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg did not declare himself as a political donor despite spending nearly half a billion dollars on Biden’s campaign.

This was done by funding non-profit organisations operating in key areas. The Centre for Technology and Civic Live (CTCL) and The Centre for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) received $419.5 million from Zuckerberg, which they distributed into local government election offices. It was a fortune that came with an instruction manual. Instead of purchasing advertising brochures for Biden, Zuckerberg bought subtlety.

According to The Federalist, the CTCL promoted universal mail-in voting by suspending US election laws, extended deadlines to favour mail-in voting at the expense of in-person voting, expanded opportunity for ‘ballot curling’, and invested in bulk-mail and community outreach programs overseen by activists. The CTCL were also involved in private dropboxes for mail-in votes which allowed ballot-harvesting to run rampant.

Zuckerberg’s money to these non-profit organisations represented an 85% in total election spending.

This is additional to the relentless, daily political propaganda campaign run by Silicon Valley that involves promoting activist movements and Democrat talking points while actively suppressing and banning conservatives. The result is a direct manipulation of the world’s social discourse no different from the way Mao, Hitler, and Stalin changed the way their citizens conducted their conversations in public to the point they were frightened to whisper their thoughts at the dinner table.

You can steal an election once or twice, but to permanently own the White House you have to get inside people’s minds and make them believe that the result is inevitable.

While Russia has its eye on the rejuvenation of its tyrannical empire, Silicon Valley’s motivation for dismantling our democracy is depressingly mundane; money.

Your liberty is the latest purchase on Zuckerberg’s bank balance.

Yeh, you really do want this

Alexandra Marshall (@ellymelly on social media) writes on liberty, philosophy and geopolitics. You can find her on Twitter or read her articles over at her blog. Elly is also an AI database designer for the retail industry, contributor to multiple online journals and a Young Ambassador with Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

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