The Australian Medical Association (AMA) provides us with a sneak peek of the woke dystopia the world is heading for.

When Victorian President of the AMA Dr Roderick McRae said that “anti-vaxxers” should withdraw themselves from the public hospital system and “let nature run its course” – he wasn’t only violating the sacred Hippocratic Oath, he was echoing sentiment in the wider community.

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There is no question that McRae should immediately resign his position. Australia cannot have a medical professional offering policy advice to state governments with this kind of commentary on the record. Healthcare is a right paid for by the Medicare Levy – not a weapon in the war for medical compliance.

The reality that he was supported by members of the community keen to see their dissident peers dead is a wake-up call for the Prime Minister.

Australia has a terrible infection festering inside its culture which praises the idea of leaving those who refuse to comply with collective government health directives to die. It is an extension of the desire to punish those who resist, cheered on by the Prime Minister and his National Cabinet of increasingly tyrannical state premiers.

Once you head down the path of medical coercion, there is no limit to the depravity of science when it becomes fixated on an outcome – in this case, vaccination percentage. There are plenty of terrible actions justifiable through cold statistics that remain impermissible on ethical grounds. It does not matter how solid your evidence-based argument is, to continue calling ourselves a free Western democracy, “NO”, has to remain a valid reply.

Before you say, “Rights come with responsibilities” – the whole point of having rights is that they are ours without penalty. Exercising the right to bodily autonomy does not grant the publicly funded health profession the right to refuse treatment. Nor is it acceptable to blame citizens for an ineffectual and under-resourced hospital system.

We are at the stage where ethics are deliberately buried under data, leaving our fellow humans as statistical errors that need to be resolved.

As far as logic goes, there isn’t much of that either.

Government advice tells us that Covid is on track to becoming endemic. Official messaging has changed from, “We’re all in this together”, to “Living with Covid” — although there is very little evidence that premiers are serious about either of these slogans. We were never “in this together” and premiers are passing policy that formalises a permanent Covid-panic rather than allowing the virus to slide into obscurity where it belongs.

Turn on a TV and you’ll find a Chief Health Office explaining that everyone should expect to catch Covid which is why they “must get vaccinated” to reduce their symptoms.

The Coincidence - a novel by Gabriel Moens

At the same time, premiers segregate the unvaccinated from society to “protect the vaccinated” who are supposedly already protected by vaccination. It’s unclear why the unvaccinated can mingle with the crowds at Coles and Woolworths, but cannot do fun things like getting a coffee or buying a pair of shoes.

Not a single journalist has asked New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet why Kmart and JB Hi FI were allowed to call themselves essential during lockdown when they remained open, raking in money from the unvaccinated, but are now denying access. Are they not essential? Did they lie during lockdown, or are they lying now to cash in on the virtue signalling? Either way, the NSW Liberal Party have to explain themselves.

Then we have vaccination targets which were brought in to protect the hospital system (which has been abused for decades by penny-pinching politicians). Those targets have been met, but we’re still not letting the unvaccinated out because – uh – they might spread Covid? If it is about the hospital system, why does it matter if the unvaccinated catch Covid at home or outside?

At the same time all this hypocrisy is taking place, every international health agency has confirmed that both the vaccinated and unvaccinated spread Covid at roughly the same rate. A segregation system based upon a lie has precisely zero scientific merit.

The only logical conclusion we are left with is that our health officials and politicians have deliberately created a system of cruelty aimed at robbing Australian citizens of authentic choice while erasing a genuine control group. Without the unvaccinated, politicians can rest assured that there is no way of proving their draconian, unlawful, and ultimately disgusting health orders were wrong.

That doesn’t only protect their political egos, it stops class action suits from presenting evidence against the government.

As for the AMA, they have shown themselves to be a political institution. In 2019, they joined the American Medical Association, British Medical Association, and Doctors for the Environment by declaring Climate Change a “health emergency”.

Bad weather kills people, but there isn’t a single documented case of genuinely unusual climate change-driven, murderous weather. Declaring a non-existent problem to be a health emergency while advocating the denial of healthcare to genuinely ill patients tells you everything you need to know about the AMA.

Yeh, you really do want this

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