There’s a video going viral showing President Trump’s former campaign manager, Brad Parscale, being tackled to the ground by police.

The Washington Examiner reports, “Parscale was Trump’s campaign manager from February 2018 until July, when he was replaced by Bill Stepien. He remained on the campaign as a senior adviser for digital and data.”

The comments beneath various shares & uploads reveal a startlingly high number of people who see nothing but what they want to: police brutality.

Lazy people don’t bother thinking, or even withholding their opinion until they have more information. They simply shoot from the hip and vent their confected outrage like toddlers who can type 80 words a minute with two thumbs.

For example:

“There’s a reason people are protesting unnecessary police brutality. Thank you for finally seeing it.”

“Those thugs had no business tackling him like that. Completely unnecessary and only made the situation worse.”

“That’s some roided up s**t half way thru. the tackle was because… what? The s**t heel officer figured he’d get his jollies in? We also know they would have just used him for target practice if black. Police have serious serious serious issues. DEFUND.”

These are the kind of overly-emotional people who are easily manipulated by the political and media elites. I’m not saying to disengage your heart, but to also engage your brain.

Here’s what happened before the short clip which is now going viral.

Police receive an emergency call to 911 that told them Brad had cocked a handgun in front of his wife, Candice, who had fled out the front. She had heard a gunshot and thought he had killed himself. She didn’t want to see his dead body if he had. Candice is heard on the call explaining his emotional agitation, “ranting and raving”, just 10 minutes before the call. She tells the police he has a “revolver, or a glock, something like that.” Police can be heard arriving 7 minutes after the call started.

Police body cam footage (above) shows Candice in a bikini and towel wrapped around her, again telling police that Brad was “going irate” and cocked his gun. At 7:44pm she tell them she “heard a loud boom.”

Four minutes later officers get him on the phone, and when Candice realises he’s not harmed himself her relief is visible as she places her hand over her chest as if to calm her heart.

The officer on the phone can be heard asking him to come outside “with no weapons” so they can check on him. The officer’s voice is calm.

At 8:02pm, still on the street talking with police, Candice is telling another officer how Brad cocked his handgun and went back inside. He asks her, “Have you got a lot of guns around?”

It’s a sensible question. Police have to know what they’re possibly dealing with. They want to go home to their families, and want everyone else to too.

Candice answers:

“I think there are like four or five… He has a shotgun, he has a rifle, he has a glock. And so after he did that I was like, he’s just truly getting out of control, so I went into the front yard… And then I heard what I thought was a gun shot.”

And that takes us up to the footage going viral. It’s called context. Add to that the fact Brad emerges with a beer in his hand and it doesn’t matter how calm and cooperative he appears to be.

As the officers who tried to arrest Rayshard Brooks found out, a seemingly-compliant customer can change in a second. Anti-police extremists claim Brooks was killed in the drive-though of an Atlanta Wendy’s for no other reason than he was drunk, asleep, and black. They are liars. Brooks was peaceful, calm and cooperative — until he wasn’t. He assaulted police with a deadly weapon he had taken off one of them and was trying to shoot them with it again while taking off with it.

At 8:53pm, Brad leaves his front door and comes to talk with an officer on the street. Moments later another officer tells Brad to get on the ground four times before tackling Brad in a textbook football tackle. A second and third officer quickly back him up physically within seconds of him hitting the ground and carefully help him to his feet, telling him what they want at every moment. Three more officers armed with rifles then enter the frame and establish a perimeter, although no one else is visible on the street.

Brad Parscale was detained for medical help under the Baker Act, a Florida law that allows families to have a loved one detained if they are believed to be a danger to themselves or others. The Baker Act also allows law enforcement to confiscate temporarily any weapons owned by the individual in need of help.


What’s very notable is the extreme cooperation Brad offers police. He doesn’t wrestle with them. He doesn’t try to disarm them or assault them.

He didn’t get down on the ground immediately when told to, but 5 seconds later had that decision made for him.

It’s fair to say the decisive actions and extreme caution shown by police were justified.

Of course police brutality exists, and it should be eliminated. That will never change as long as imperfect people are involved, and should be constantly reduced as much as possible.

But I also want those charged with enforcing law and order confident they will go home to their families safe and healthy at the end of every shift. It’s ridiculous to expect them to be robotic perfection in highly volatile situations they’ve seen end in tragedy for their colleagues countless times previously.

I’m certain the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers are good guys; ethical and professional, who deserve our support and assumption of innocence until and unless proven otherwise with evidence.

Without a doubt it is the sensationalist corporate media and tricky politicians exploiting emotional, intellectually lazy people who are the largest cause of racial tensions and hatred in America, Australia and the West today.

If we only asked more questions and demanded more information before reaching pre-judicial conclusions even their power to divide us would be taken away.

Dave Pellowe is a Christian writer & commentator, founder of The Good Sauce, convener of the annual Australian Church And State Summit and host of Good Sauce's weekly The Church And State Show, also syndicated on ADH TV. Since 2016 Dave has undertaken the mission of arming Christians to influence culture through events from Perth to Auckland, videos, podcasts and articles published in multiple journals across Australia and New Zealand. [more]

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