One of the most valuable contributions that Trump has ever given us is that he causes the establishment to make so many unforced errors. This is one of the reasons why he is so popular and will remain so, even though many of us who have supported him recognize his flaws, and they are many (I will address one in an upcoming post).

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There are many middle class respectable people that cannot understand why Trump has such powerful support, it is simply because he sticks it to the establishment in an entertaining way, and he drives so many to TDS (Trump derangement syndrome) that it causes them to reveal so much of how the US empire, and the world, actually work. Thanks to Trump it is now mainstream knowledge that who the president is does not really matter as far as American policy goes. Thanks to Trump we have had many other reveals over the years. Just him being their creates these reveal, because he triggers the establishment so thoroughly. 

The Unlucky Country - Zimmermann & Moens

Trump’s mean tweets don’t even begin to take away from how valuable this is for the general populace to know how so much of the society they took for granted is actually a front for some seriously powerful and corrupt figures who actually control things behind closed doors. Biden has only been President in name, he is a husk, a shell, he is not capable of leading himself around the White House, let alone a country. But that does not matter when it comes to running the US, as Caitlyn notes. It has long been ruled by silent powers behind the scenes. 

What else will be common knowledge by the time Trump is done? Just his presence causes such hysteria amongst the establishment that it force them to reveal themselves. What else will be revealed? 

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