VICTORIA Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius gave a press conference yesterday regarding police enforcement activity over the upcoming grand final long weekend.

Good Sauce guest commentator Topher Field had this to say about his stunning admissions:

Protesting is not unlawful, it’s a human right.” Watch the video above to hear those exact words from Chief Wiggam himself. So I’ll see you tomorrow at the shrine at 2pm for a protest against Dan Andrews!


He’s just exploded the health orders entirely. Protesting is not one of the 4 reasons to be out, according to the CHO orders. Yet he’s admitting it’s ‘not unlawful’.


What he’s saying is that the right to protest actually overrides the health orders, that protesting is not unlawful in spite of the fact the CHO orders don’t allow protest as a lawful reason to leave the house.


It’s subtle, but it’s important. He’s admitting finally that the CHO orders don’t lawfully take away our human rights, even though that’s exactly how they’ve been used and enforced. You can bet we’ll be playing that clip on repeat when we get to court.


He goes on to bluster about the Chief Health Officer’s orders and boast about how the police will be checking compliance and punishing non compliance.


News flash for you Chief Wiggam: Human rights trump health orders according to you. You just admitted that. You and your members have joined Dictator Dan as the worst violators of human rights in modern Australian history, by your own admission.


Our right to protest and assemble, our right to engage in commerce, our right to travel, our right to practice our religion — all of these human rights have been violated by you and the excuse for a government that you prop up. Time to take your own advice mate, and stop ordering your members to violate human rights. And you can start tomorrow.


See you all at the shrine at 2pm tomorrow, to exercise our human right to protest!

Governments around Australia selectively permitted protests for ‘progressive’ causes like BLM, but banned conservative and libertarian anti-government protests.

The explosive revelation that police knew all along they were infringing human rights at the command of the Andrews Labor government was confirmation of an interview conducted by Topher Field six weeks ago. In that video (below) he predicted peaceful protests were not unlawful but a human right, irrespective of invalid directions by the Chief Health Officer.

That's new!

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