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The Victorian Government has charged the Victorian Government with bungling the Victorian Government’s hotel quarantine program at least 58 times. The Victorian Government is set to be forced to pay up to $95 million to the Victorian Government, a lesson they will not soon forget.

The Victorian Government department, WorkSafe, alleged the Victorian Government Department of Health was really, really bad at keeping workers safe at work for the Victorian Government.

The Victorian Government claimed the Victorian Government’s incompetence caused infection control breaches leading to Victoria’s deadly second Wuhan wave and the deaths of 819 Victorians.

The Victorian Government’s press release alleges that Victorian Government employees, Victorian Government Authorised Officers, and security guards the Victorian Government subcontracted “were put at risk of serious illness or death through contracting COVID-19 from an infected returned traveler, another person working in the hotels or from a contaminated surface.”

It took the Victorian Government 15 months to conclude the Victorian Government was to blame for the failed Victorian Government hotel quarantine program.

Yeh, you really do want this

Leader of the Victorian Government, Daniel Andrews, said the reason it took 15 months was because there was a lot of reading to do and he knew it was Scott Morrison’s fault, but an exhaustive review of tens of thousands of documents and multiple witnesses couldn’t find even a tenuous hook on which to hang the Prime Minister.

I know I said the buck stops with me, and that I take full responsibility for any failures of the Victorian Government as the Premier, but we all know that Scott Morrison is a really bad man. I mean, he’s a very bad, bad man, and doubtlessly when the Victorian Government completely butchers the Victorian Government programs run by the Victorian Government, it’s really the very bad man’s fault. It’s his responsibility, he’s responsible, he’s the only one responsible, and I’m not going to take responsibility.


I won’t resign, because taking responsibility is not who I am. I’m the Leader of the Victorian Government, and I don’t know why the Victorian Government Police haven’t already shot the Prime Minister because he is a very bad man. He’s probably a drunk Nazi, let’s shoot him too, hey, Commissioner Shane?

The Victorian Government declined to respond to the Victorian Government’s report, saying it wouldn’t be appropriate while the matter was before the courts and before they’d figured out how to blame Scott Morrison, who was a really bad man, but who they hoped would still help them with the marketing if they sent him a lovely Hawaiian shirt.

Victorians rejoiced at the news that finally someone would be made to pay for the incompetence which killed nearly a thousand Victorians. Although no bureaucrats or politicians will face any criminal charges, career consequences or financial penalty for the Victorian Government’s bungling of the hotel quarantine program, Victorians were satisfied that justice was seen to be being done.

Victorians will now be forced to pay the legal fees of both the Victorian Government and the Victorian Government as the matter goes before court to decide how many millions of dollars taxpayers will have to pay the Victorian Government as a result of the Victorian Government killing 819 Victorians.

That’s the price of justice, health and safety under the Victorian Government.

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