On Saturday night, Prime Minister Scott Morrison shared a photo to his Facebook page. He wrote:

“It’s been another very busy day as we work to help Victoria get on top of the outbreak as well as working through some issues in WA. And while we don’t always get there, whenever I’m home on a Saturday night, I try to make it a family curry night.”

One may imagine that a busy Prime Minister posting about cooking for his family, spending time with his wife and children would be well received.

However, in this age of outrage, the comments were heated, as WA residents demanded Morrison “leave the state alone”. One snapped, “Don’t create issues where there are none”, while someone else ranted, “You’re part of our issue in WA.”

The hard border closures in WA have been a contentious topic. Clive Palmer has launched a challenge in the High Court, claiming the hard closure is “unconstitutional”.

Meanwhile, Premier Mark McGowan says the closure is crucial to protect citizens.

The hashtag #IStandWithMarkMcgowan was trending on social media.

Morrison responded, writing:

“Last night I said I had been working on some WA issues. For those who commented, you can see from my attached letter to the WA Premier what we were working on. We will not be continuing our participation in the High Court case. A lot has changed and we have found a better way to deal with this.”

Unfortunately, as the PM once again discovered, outrage is bigger than forgiveness in Australia in 2020.

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