Topher Field, Augusto Zimmermann and John Fleming join me in this episode to discuss their new books being released this month.

Good People Break Bad Laws – Civil disobedience in the modern age” is Topher Field’s deep thinking on the necessity of limiting government by, sometimes, limiting our willingness to obey the worst transgressions of government, inspired by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

Supreme Injustice – Guilty until proven not Catholic?” is written and self-published by Fr John Fleming, and is his personal story of being accused, presumed guilty, defamed in media and in open court, and denied legal defences commonly used in many recent high profile defamation proceedings.

The Unlucky Country” is the latest book by conservative thinkers, Professor Augusto Zimmermann and Emeritus Professor Gabriel Moëns AM, and is a continuation of the conversation begun by Donald Horne in 1967 when he published the Australian classic, “The Lucky Country“. It outlines the many ways in which a war is being waged against everything Australia once relied upon for success, and how we can again become “lucky”.

The Unlucky Country - Zimmermann & Moens
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