The men in control of the Victorian Branch of the Liberal Party are panicking after discovering they have accidentally endorsed a strong, Christian woman who is inconveniently unafraid to speak her mind and represent her community on urgent public issues.

Moira Deeming has been told by cowardly, misogynistic party leaders that they are counting how many times she is speaking about the public danger of trans-identifying men being allowed in women’s change rooms and sports. They have warned her about not serving their agenda, and are currently in the motions of expelling her in disgrace from the Liberal Party.

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They did the same thing with Bernie Finn when he had the audacity to pray for an end in Victoria to the most permissive abortion laws in the world. Victorians told the Liberals in yet another humiliating election defeat that they cannot win government by trying to be more “progressive”.

A motion will be put to the party room of the Victorian Liberal Party to expel Moira Deeming MP for the flimsiest of reasons which reveals the leader, John Pesutto, and those standing with him, as cowards, hostile to the Truth as well as strong women.

Pesutto has demanded that Deeming condemn the event and speakers at a lawful and peaceful protest she also spoke at, which was organised to condemn radical gender ideology.

Deeming addressed this evil in her maiden speech, making once-pedestrian claims like women don’t feel safe with naked men in their dressing room.

But the Victorian opposition leader, John Pesutto, has in effect told Deeming she is “Nazi adjacent”, after a group of uninvited, unwelcome men from the National Socialist Network, forced their way into the buffer zone created by police for the safety of the permitted protesters.

In a perfect metaphor for the issue of authorities compromising women’s safety, Victoria Police refused to stop these masked adult males dressed in all black from entering the designated safe space of Victorian women trying to make their voices heard.

The speakers and protesters were terrified and bewildered, thinking at first it was an antifa incursion and they were about to be assaulted by the unknown males. After years of heavy-handed tactics against Victorians, Victoria Police insisted they were suddenly powerless to enforce public safety, and just impotently observed the invaders’ intimidating behaviour as the thugs gave National Socialist salutes.

The lying harlot media, radical leftist MPs and partisan commentators immediately accused the women protesting of associating with and agreeing with the National Socialists (“Nazis”).

John Pesutto, in a fit of intellectual retardation, made public comments about Liberal Party MPs “associating with people whose views are abhorrent to my values, the values of the Liberal party and the wider community.”

He has issued an ultimatum to Deeming to be silent about the urgent transgender issue, demanding she demurely fall in line with what the misogynistic, weak men in charge of the Liberal Party dictate the party’s agenda must be.

It’s very important for a woman to know her place in the Victorian Liberal Party – or so it would appear that is what the newly minted Liberal Party leader thinks.

Pesutto has also made it abundantly clear he disagrees with Deeming on absolutely everything she is courageously outspoken about. He believes there is nothing wrong with a trans-identifying man being naked in a change room with little girls, and that these are the values of the wider community. He believes that the Liberal Party must have no moral compass, but be permissive of any and all delusions and confusions which plague public debate and policy.

Make no mistake – this is a spiritual battle for the withering soul of the Liberal Party, the state of Victoria and the nation, and this is no time for Christians of good conscience to be absent from their knees in petitions to Heaven, or from the ranks of those grassroots members of the Liberal Party.

Urgent prayer and intercession must be made for wisdom, grace to stand and the right words to be given to Moira Deeming.

But to pray and do nothing is to lean on a shovel and pray for a trench. Christians must make urgent application to be part of the Liberal Party (or whatever party they believe has the best chance of affecting positive outcomes in parliaments), and to then be authentic Christians – salt and light – in that party. They must not allow anyone to pay their membership fees, or tell them how to use their voting rights within the party.

No matter how many contrastingly good people of strength and conviction the timid men currently in control manage to remove, there must be a hundred more ready and willing to take the place of Bernie Finn and Moira Deeming.

They will resist some of us, but they cannot long resist more of us. Will darkness or light be more patient, more faithful? This proposal is nothing more sinister than the Long March through the institutions in reverse, redeeming them from being the Marxist entities promised decades ago, and saving them by us simply being present as salt and light: our original commission.

Alert your praying friends and fellow believers now, that Moira Deeming, John Pesutto and the Victorian Liberal Party need our prayers today and tomorrow and every day this week as back room deals and water cooler whispers happen over and over again in the attempt to remove the brightest light in that parliament.

Psalms 2 says God laughs in derision at those who vainly rage against Him. However this plays out, the battle is much longer and God’s plans much higher than we can understand. Our part is to be faithful in prayer and in the deeds of true religion, like Moira Deeming MP.

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