Content warning: extreme violence portrayed.

Lefties like to blame everyone else, especially people right of themselves on the political spectrum and most of all Donald Trump, for every social ill. They say with completely straight faces that advocating for the rule of law at national borders is racism. They refuse to distinguish between opposition to illegal immigration and deep-seated hatred of everyone not white. Thus, they then blame all right wing rhetoric for any and all violence – the bigger the better for their political opportunism.

Meanwhile in the land reasonable people like to call reality, the folks denouncing entire groups of people as so evil they are not just like but actually fascists / Nazis / “literally Hitler” and deserving of violent injury are significantly left of “centre” (wherever that might be these days).

Because right wingers still think national borders are wise and good.

A Pellowe Talk viewer has just informed me (news tips welcome!) that a Breitbart story about a movie featuring liberal elites hunting right wingers for violent sport is being blocked on one or more social media giants.

But the movie isn’t. I found it easily on YouTube and Facebook, and I have to warn you – even the trailer (below) is extremely violent and explicit. So much for their commitment to ending mass shootings and hate speech in America, Australia and the world. It’s fair to say they’re providing material comfort to content promoting domestic terrorism and far closer to the definition of inciting violence than any Trump tweet or rally rhetoric. The producer is an infamous Trump-hater who blames the President for anti-Semitism, and probably for his dog biting him too.

I’m not a huge fan of corporate censorship. I think bad speech should be critiqued and excoriated, not driven underground where it festers and infection spreads. But I also think we have a right as voters and consumers to demand a level playing field and for honesty in the application of policies when the target is a majority or minority demographic. I even had to word that carefully so you’d know what I mean without saying anything to trigger a prejudiced algorithm or employee.

Don’t hold your breath waiting to see every leftist politician, celebrity & social media corporation condemn this terrible movie for inciting violence against whites from conservative American states.

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