You know a Labor Government is in trouble when even the ABC comes after them.

And you know their ABC has gone after their Labor Government when the twitter mob demand the public broadcaster’s highest profile journalist be banished to Siberia – or worse.

Leigh Sales last night used the ABC’s flagship current affairs program to repeatedly ask why the Victorian government had locked down the entire state for the fourth time.

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Even more insulting for ABC viewers and for rabid lefties – but I repeat myself – was that the 7.30 host insisted on contrasting Victoria’s poor contact tracing with the great work being done in Liberal-governed NSW.

ABC viewers, long conditioned to think of the taxpayer funded network as the ALP’s dedicated marketing and public relations department, went into apoplexy.

“Leigh Sales is a hack,” one tweeted.  

“She is biased,” screamed another. 

“She is clearly a Liberal Party supporter and must be removed from her role,” demanded a third.

And on and on it went. 

One unhinged viewer, by which I mean one typical viewer, even accused Sales of “being reckless with our lives and the lives of our children”. 

All for daring to deviate from talking points provided by Party headquarters.

Grilling Shadow Minister for Aged Care Claire O’Neil, Sales asked:

“Isn’t it fair enough for Victorians to ask, a year on, why aren’t our authorities capable of relying on their systems to trace and contain 11 cases a day without locking up six million people for the fourth time?”

“Unfair!” bleated viewers.

“Her questions are making me so angry I want to hit the TV!” one watcher complained to comrades as Leigh Sales started trending on Twitter where she was variously described as “horribly biased”, “really bad”, “pathetic” and “grubby”. And they were the more generous adjectives.

Meanwhile, O’Neil began to reply:

“We are facing into an enormously contagious virus here…”

But Sales cut off the Member for Hotham, interrupting with the rather obvious point:

“Yeah but NSW is too, all the time, and they manage this stuff.”

The only thing obvious to ABC viewers was that their leftist safe space had been momentarily breached by an alien force with which they were completely unfamiliar – or, if you prefer, a contrary view.

Viewers reckoned the way Sales picked on the ALP made her sound like a jilted lover. 

They wondered if she might be about to quit television and stand for the LNP at the next election. Or maybe she was auditioning for a role on the extreme far right, white supremacist, conspiracy theory-pushing, worse-than-satan Sky television network.

They demanded that former 7.30 hosts replace Sales. They threatened to never watch the ABC again. They threatened to kill themselves.

But Sales was just warming up.

Later in the program she asked Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp:

“NSW Health has repeatedly managed outbreaks without closing the entire city of Sydney and yet the Victorian government is either unable or unwilling to do that. Melbourne businesses must be wondering why is that so different?”

With the program almost over, the Twitter mob was by this point irate, insisting that only certified Green/Left progressive Labor hacks should be on “our ABC”.

Sales was a “nasty piece of work”. She was “unprofessional” and “unworthy of being on television”.

One tweeter received dozens of likes for this epic tantrum:

By this stage the program had ended and Sales, having apparently checked her Twitter feed, wisely chose to lock her account.

And so, we ended up with a leftist government dodging questions from a leftist journalist who, in turn, was avoiding her leftist viewers who were driven to distraction by the briefest glimpse of reality outside their leftist #istandwithdan bubble.

Conservatives should stop complaining about the ABC and instead enjoy it. It’s wonderfully entertaining – and all for just 20 cents a day.

James Macpherson is a sought after international speaker with a background in journalism at the Courier Mail and Daily Telegraph. He previously pastored a significant church in Australia and South Africa. James' weekly Good Sauce podcast comes out every Tuesday. He also writes regularly for The Spectator.

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