Time after time, the ABC attempts to insist that it has no bias and reflects all Australians.

Yet, ABC Life content continues to prove otherwise.

A recent article entitled, “After Harry Potter: Five children’s books that celebrate diversity”, made our national broadcaster’s war on the nuclear family evidence, once again.

The author wrote:

“Like many people, I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, I adored all the characters, and as a teen reader I appreciated the way J.K Rowling gave her child and teen characters agency. Also, experiencing the wonder of a fantastical world so close to ours was itself magical. But for some time now, J.K Rowling has been using her considerable influence to stir up anti-trans sentiment across the world, and it’s time to let Harry fade and to support books and authors who celebrate the diversity of humanity.”

The high profile author made headlines several weeks ago with multiple posts online voicing opinions that the trans community deemed offensive.

LGBTI people are a tiny minority population group in Australia, which begs the question: why on earth is our national broadcaster repeatedly pushing to cancel mainstream authors?

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Corrine Barraclough has a journalism career spanning 20 years, including senior positions at national magazines in London, New York & Sydney. She embraced the whirlwind of celebrity and entertainment journalism and the heady lifestyle that went with it before walking away from it all to live on the Gold Coast and pursue a balanced life.

A new episode of The Corrine Barraclough Show discussing family law, its impact on mental health and the damage of the gender-bias in mainstream media is released every Monday morning.

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