Some pro-abortion activists are now resorting to photoshopping the faces of female pro-life leaders onto explicit pornographic images in a crime police call “image-based abuse”. LifeChoice Australia founder, Rebecca Gosper, was the target of one such attack during the recent NSW abortion liberalisation debate.

What’s notable is the consistent lack of regard for women’s rights these pro-abortion activists had. The impotent cowards had no concern for a woman who didn’t know ‘her place’; a woman who dared to disagree; an empowered, informed woman intelligently articulating a dissenting opinion.

What is image-based abuse?

According to Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, “Image-based abuse happens when an intimate image or video is shared without the consent of the person pictured. This includes images or videos that have been digitally altered (using Photoshop or specialised software).”

Collective Shout is a grassroots campaigns movement against the objectification of women and the sexualisation of girls. Melinda Liszewski, a campaigns manager for Collective Shout, commented, “The use of ‘deep fake’ technology to virtually force women to appear in pornography is a form of coercive control. The aim is to humiliate and intimidate a woman into submission. Women journalists and activists have been threatened to have this done to them, simply for daring to take up their place in the public square. Domestic violence activists have flagged this issue as a significant challenge for the women they support in escaping the coercive control and violence of abusive partners. Anyone who does this to a woman has disqualified themselves from being considered a women’s advocate.

Although the media often use a more benign term, ‘revenge porn’, image-based sexual abuse is sexual abuse. Dr Nicola Henry of RMIT says, “We found that victims of image-based sexual abuse experienced high levels of psychological distress, consistent with a diagnosis of moderate to severe depression or an anxiety disorder.

Who do these predatory progressives think they are fooling by pretending their motivation is real concern for women’s rights or autonomy? They are extremist ideologues hell-bent on power – not justice, not sincere concern for others. Small wonder the very real and documented harms of abortion to women are of no concern to them.

We can help turn this failed attempt to silence a strong woman into a megaphone for her important voice. Donate to or join LifeChoice Australia which so effectively advocates for equal human rights at every stage of life and obviously threatens inadequate intellects. Watch the above interview and share this post to expose the character of abortion collaborators.

I’ll be doing a follow up story and commentary on this insidious issue and am keen to hear from you if you’ve been the target of such predatory behaviour or have other insights.

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