Andrew Evans is an elder statesman of Australia, and has set spiritual and political Australian records, leaving an indelible mark for good on Australian culture. As a local pastor, he led Paradise AOG in Adelaide to become one of the largest congregations in Australia. As the national leader of the Assemblies of God (AOG) for 20 years, he led Australia’s largest ever church planting drive, and spawned more than one global Christian movements. At retirement age, he founded a family values political party, and was successful in his first campaign – something never achieved before. He was also the oldest ever “new” politician.

WATCH the full interview with one of Dave Pellowe’s personal heroes below in four short segments.

READ the biography of his remarkeable and adventure-packed life by Denise A. Austin, “Jesus First – The Life and Leadership of Andrew Evans”. It is available now from Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.

READ the biography of his remarkeable and adventure-packed life by Denise A. Austin, "Jesus First - The Life and Leadership of Andrew Evans", available now from Amazon in paperback or on Kindle.

Andrew Evans has the answer for Australia’s prosperity and success, and it the same as our cultural foundation. Biblical principles work best for nations whether you believe in God and the Bible or not. Experiments in left wing ideas have pathetic and tragic results globally. This firm conviction coupled with a patriotic love for Australia led Andrew to pursue a new career in politics.

Andrew Evans describes the merger between Family First and Australian Conservatives. Cory Bernardi and Family First were strong allies long before they decided to merge. He observes the parties are equally concerned fighters for common sense, family values and civil society. It was agreed between them that unity was more effective for countering leftist agendas than personal agendas and egos.

Andrew Evans compares the patterns of vitriol and hysteria following Margaret Court’s letter to the editor (signed as a church pastor) and his own experiences as a pastor and a politician. He also offers an excellent strategy for how we can effectively resist terrible ideas and promote a better future for our neighbours.

Andrew Evans says our job as Christians is to not only let our light shine, but to resist evil by taking action on the issues that matter most to society.

He shares some thoughts on the March elections in South Australia, the true extent of compatibility between Australian Conservatives and Family First, and the outlook for Australian federal politics.

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