A second coalition MP has broken ranks and declared Australians are not being told the truth about the impact on cost of living of net zero policies.

Renee Heath was the only Coalition MP to sit out a vote on accelerating economically harmful net zero targets that occurred last week in the Victorian Parliament.

It follows Queensland Senator Matt Canavan’s declaration last week that Australians were being lied to about net zero by politicians from both sides.

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The outbreak of truth has been long-coming and is necessary if the cost-of-living crisis, in large part driving by disastrous climate alarmist policies over many years, is to be addressed.

Family First has long argued that net zero through windmills and solar panels is unachievable and should be paused until a proper economic and engineering study is done on the costs versus benefits.

Family First welcomes Coalition MPs’ rebellion against the Labor/Liberal/Green/Teal consensus on climate alarmism.

The Albanese government’s targets require at least 20,000 solar panels to be installed each day and 40 giant wind turbines a month on hill tops along with tens of thousands of kilometres of new transmission lines costing at least $1.5 trillion by 2030.

Last week’s Victorian Labor bill, supported by the Liberals and the Greens, accelerates net zero madness at the state level, trashing the property rights of farmers while making electricity even more expensive and unreliable.

The Herald Sun reported that Heath said the targets threatened to drive up costs, eliminate jobs and accelerate Victoria’s “downward economic spiral”.

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“Why are we misleading the public and saying that this is going to deliver savings?

“Wind and solar can only be commercially successful when they are the recipient of a subsidy.

“But how can a state that is broke offer a subsidy?

“In order to reach these targets we would need to install 22,000 solar panels per day, build 40 wind turbines per month, and build the transmission infrastructure to support this. This is completely unachievable.”

Despite defying Liberal leader John Pesutto, who demanded that the Victorian Coalition vote with Labor and the Greens, Heath said she still supported his leadership.

It’s a shame rigid party discipline forces people like Heath to say such things when clearly Pesutto’s behaviour over his defamation and expulsion of Moira Deeming, his support of making gender fluid and sexualised drag queens role models for little children and his adoption of woke energy policies make him a poor fit for the conservative side of politics.

Heath’s break with Coalition policy on electricity coincided with Family First Senate Candidate Bernie Finn’s public meetings held last week in Gippsland, which she represents in the state’s Upper House.

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Lyle Shelton is National Director of the Family First Party. He started his career as a rural journalist before being elected as a member of the Toowoomba City Council and serving the Australian Christian Lobby for 10 years, half of that decade as ACL's Managing Director. He was a Director and spokesman for the Coalition for Marriage during the 2017 postal survey campaign which resulted in the legal undefinition of marriage. He also blogs here.

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