Because there’s just not enough people convinced that fundamental Islam is simply incompatible with Australian culture (yes, we have one, and value it), another Muslim is now lecturing us how we should celebrate ANZAC Day and be proper Christians.

The halal certification entrepreneur, Mohamed Elmouelhy, rushed to the defence of Yassmin Abdel Magied who has come under attack for her facebook post saying, “Lest . We. Forget. (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine…).

Mr Elmouelhy says we should “also remember the deaths caused by this country.”

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Ah, no. Actually, we’re sick to death of people peddling this perpetual “white-guilt” myth. ANZAC Day is not about rehearsing guilt to make self-congratulatory members of minorities feel superior. It’s not a day for virtue-signalling social justice warriors to demonstrate their bleeding heart policies.

It’s a day of sacred remembrance and honour of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice when the hour came. It’s not a day for distraction. It’s “Lest we forget,” followed by silence. Not partisan political opportunism.

Mr Elmouelhy concludes his soap-boxing as he lectures Australia on our cultural religion, Christianity.

“What sort of Christians are you if you do not feel for the suffering of others, have you forgotten compassion, have the white Australians sank so low that they can only feel compassion for their dead but not the dead of others, so much for wishing for your neighbour what you wish for yourself.

It is a sad day when a Muslim woman reminds Christians of their religion. Yassmin Abdel Megied should be given a medal.”

Oh dear. Racist much? Oh that’s right. Only white people can be racist. Silly me.

That rant is so full of logical and theological fallacies it would be hard to know where to start and stop without boring you all. Firstly, ANZAC Day – when properly celebrated – is perfectly consistent with Christianity. Singularity of focus is common courtesy. It’s like closing our eyes when we pray. It simply helps us focus our hearts’ and minds’ attention on the subject at hand.

If we take his logic and reflect it back on him, we may ask what sort of Muslim is he if he does not equally divide the immense profits from his halal certification schemes between Christian and Islamic schools and churches? Has he forgotten compassion?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the SJWs to berate him for his racist, bigoted Christophobia: daring to criticise another religion. IF the shoe were on the other foot, he’d be claiming we couldn’t criticise Islam because we don’t speak Arabic and can’t interpret the Qur’an (which is rubbish), and that our criticism has no basis in anything other than bigotry. Well, pot kettle black. Except it’s not our job to change our culture to accommodate your ignorance of our culture.

Neither Yassmin nor Mr Elmouelhy have any idea what Christianity is if they think it’s some kind of open invitation for political opportunism. But are we getting a better idea, observing a pattern of what Islam and Sharia is?

Yassmin’s comment was sarcastic and snide, the furthest thing from Christian and certainly un-Australian. Her apology was nearly as bad, hiding behind equivocal language of “It was brought to my attention that my last post was disrespectful…

Uh… yeh. But why did it need to be brought to your attention? You don’t agree? You don’t think it was obvious? Why couldn’t you just say something a little more productive and which leaves a whole lot less room for debate like explaining to the likes of Mr Elmouelhy why? You could have said, “My last post was disrespectful to the memory of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and the freedoms we all enjoy. I have deleted it and apologise for distracting any attention from honouring their memory alone today.” That would be an unconditional apology. That would show you get it.

Instead, more division. More ungrateful Australians. More evidence of the greater difficulty some ideologies will have in adopting conflicting Australian values. More lectures about how terrible Australians are.

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