Powerful poem shines light on inequality

I’ve been sent a collection of stories and poems that an Australian group – Australian Coalition for children’s rights to equal parenting – is using to try to raise awareness into ALIENATION AND CHILDREN’S RIGHTS. Here’s a poem, which the organisation has included:

“As a woman, I know I have much more than equal rights.

I know that the system is set up to help me abuse, lie, punish and even murder with no consequences.

As a woman, married to a wonderful, trusting man, I can betray that trust and easily replace him with another.

As a woman, I know now that when he has been replaced, I can claim our home that my wonderful trusting husband has worked hard for, so I can continue my new life and share that home with the new other.

As a woman, I know that I can erase my husband out of his children’s lives, because I don’t want him in mine.

As a woman, I know I can abuse my husband, but then lie and claim to be abused by him to gain a DVO to put obstacles and hinder any prospect of my husband continuing to have a loving caring relationship with his own children.

As a woman, I know that if he wants to fight for his rights, it will cost him lots of money that he hasn’t got since I got most of it in the settlement, but still I haven’t got to worry because I get all legal representation for free.
Easy peasy!


Corrine Barraclough has a journalism career spanning 20 years, including senior positions at national magazines in London, New York & Sydney. She embraced the whirlwind of celebrity and entertainment journalism and the heady lifestyle that went with it before walking away from it all to live on the Gold Coast and pursue a balanced life.

The Corrine Barraclough Show discusses family law, its impact on mental health and the damage of the gender-bias in mainstream media.

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