Last week I had several students, parents and community members contact me about a boy wearing the girl’s uniform and entering girl’s sport at Midcoast Christian College in Taree, NSW.

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They are upset that school has not communicated a policy about this, and that they are allowing this boy to lie about being a girl and making the staff and students go along with it. Many are contacting the school asking for answers but are not getting anywhere.

I indicated this was happening on social media and asked for other people’s back to school stories. The following is a snapshot of how people responded.

MG @mg_writer

Replying to @KirralieS

Teacher at a school in Sydney has also identifies as trans now. Kids told about this and playing along.


i know a teacher in NSW who has been told she will have a student who ID’s as a cat.

Don Adams @DonAdam18396222

A male teacher has returned to teaching grade one this year as a “female” at my son’s school. The school gave no warning, pretends that it’s completely normal, and expects everyone to accept the lie. Homeschooling is not a viable option. Any ideas?

Papinian @RaifYtinav

Replying to @KirralieS and @LepidopteraFem

My daughter’s all-girls camp had half hour meetings EVERY MORNING to discuss their pronouns.

She and a few others would discuss how crazy this is but only in secret because they feared being outed to the youth counsellors, all of whom are rabid ideologues. Like Red China

Jimmy the Blackfella 🥶 ☠️🪃 (NUNYA)🪃 @jimmyblackfella

Christian school???

Seems like they have forgotten Genesis 5:2

“He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them “Mankind” when they were created.   “

Just saying

Victoria @Victori15128271

Teacher transitions, kids won’t go along with it. Teacher leaves this school to go work elsewhere.


We have a “trans” boy (girl) aged 7. Parents on the Governing Council!😳She has her own private toilet  and ALL the kids are told to “affirm” & call her HIM! Staff wearing trans lanyards 🙄yet I’m not “allowed” to teach the Nativity. New build & ALL loos gender neutral. Adelaide.

Missy💜💚🤍 @MissyMc61829544

High school kids suspended for deliberately ’misgendering’ other students.

MrsRedRidinghood @realKBickford

That’s not a Christian school even if they say they are!

Robyn W🇦🇺🇮🇱📎 @rightasrain100

They shouldn’t call themselves a Christian School anymore.

Dublt @Official_dublt

Leftist parents will enrol their trans/gay kids in Christian schools just to cause a scene, make Christians look bad and get on 60 minutes.

If Independent MP Alex Greenwich gets his way in NSW with his falsely named Equality Bill there will be anything but equality. Staff and students who flagrantly reject reality will have even more special protections and privileges than they do now.

Every week I hear from people about how destructive and divisive this ideology is. It is impacting school communities hard.

The Unlucky Country - Zimmermann & Moens

Principals are terrified of legal action or negative media so they go along with the farce.

Staff are too afraid to speak up for fear of being disciplined.

Parents are worried about their children be ostracised, bullied or suspended if they intervene.

Students are painfully aware there will be consequences if they speak the truth. Others have already been suspended, even children in first grade!

What is the truth?

No one can change their sex. No one ever has. It is written on every cell in a person’s body.

A boy cannot become a girl. A girl cannot become a boy.

Children deserve sex-based spaces, services and sport for their privacy, safety and dignity. They do not deserve to be victims of an ideology that forces them to lie and put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of a few people who don’t want to accept reality.

Please share your stories and let us equip you and others to stand up for truth and safeguarding of children. We need politicians to hear the truth and vote accordingly.

Fight shadow bans & SHARE!

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Kirralie Smith is an activist for justice and truth in the public square who speaks fearlessly about the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women. As the founder of Binary, Kirralie challenges the aggressive agenda to remove biological sex from education, health, politics and law, and protects children from those who would seek to indoctrinate them.

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