Dr Michael Brown is the special guest speaker at the Church And State Summit 2020 in Brisbane and host of a daily, live radio show syndicated across the United States during which he takes calls, interviews guests and tackles the big controversies facing Western culture. He’s seen and heard it all, and has a gift for graciously yet unflinchingly offering truth with love. You could say it’s hard to shock him, and harder still to make him cry.

But he was moved to tears when he interviewed the Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver,  about his organisation’s legal defence of Sandra Merritt against Planned Parenthood. Sandra helped blow the whistle on the corporate abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, by secretly recording their staff discussing the sale of baby parts for profit.

Testimonies are now being heard in court which should rend the heart of any human. Dr Brown wrote about this interview in a recent article.

On my show, Staver referred to “amazing situations” where Planned Parenthood clinics “were taking babies and intentionally aborting them so they could harvest intact organs, some of which were born alive while the hearts were still beating. Hearts were being removed while they were still alive.


He continued, “Brains were being removed while the hearts were still beating, and we have evidence where they sliced the baby’s face in two with a scalpel and then extracted the brain while the baby was still alive.


Who can imagine such things? Who would even envision them in a work of fiction? Yet, according to Staver, these are 100 percent, accurate accounts. And the motivating force behind these allegations is greed.


Let that sink in for a moment.


For good reason Staver spoke of Planned Parenthood’s “inhumane, unthinkable, unspeakable acts.”


Yet Planned Parenthood was not alone in its savaging of the unborn.


According to Staver, companies like Stem Express had full menus on their website where you could make customised choices when ordering your baby parts.


He explained, “You could actually go on the website and select… that you wanted a certain heart at a certain gestation at a certain size, intact. Then Stem Express would take that to Planned Parenthood that day. They would fulfill that order from those babies that were brought in, never telling the parent, the mum, what was happening with her child in the room next door.


Staver was not exaggerating when he stated that if he described such procedures without revealing the age of the victim, we would think this was coming from Nazi Germany.


Precisely so.


A recent report on the Liberty Counsel website carried the headline, “Selling Baby Scalps,” stating that, “A former board director for the Center for Medical Progress testified during the civil trial in the San Francisco Federal District Court that the scalps of babies provided by the abortion industry are being harvested for research in treating baldness.


Yes, selling baby scalps for treating baldness.


The mind boggles when trying to comprehend such cruel, cold, and calculated barbarity. Yet we dare not close our eyes or stick our heads in the sand. All this is happening on our watch.


In my new book, Jezebel’s War with America, I document the clear connection between radical feminism, witchcraft, and the militant pro-abortion movement. (Yes, I actually document this.)


I also compare the horrific, ancient practice of child sacrifice with late-term and partial-birth abortion procedures.Perhaps this doesn’t sound so extreme to you after hearing some of Staver’s testimony?


Ironically, after Pastor Robert Jeffress made a similar comparison during a recent radio interview, referencing Moloch, the ancient god of child sacrifice, leftists responded with sarcastic glee.






Yet what they posted in jest is not without truth.


That’s because, for many of those on the radical left, abortion is not just a right. It is a rite, a venerated rite, a sacred rite. “Do not mess with our right to abort!


Not surprisingly, most of the Democratic presidential candidates are veering further to the left when it comes to abortion, to the point that most of the candidates now support bills which, if enacted, would legalise some of the crimes committed by abortionist Kermitt Gosnell.


And all of this leads to a simple question: What are you and I going to do to stop these horrific practices? And how can we offer a message of life and hope to mothers and fathers who want to abort?


Somehow, someway, we must shout to the nation the humanity of that unborn child and the sacredness of life. Then, just as loudly, we must bring to the attention of the nation the barbarity of the actions of Planned Parenthood and their cohorts.


If each of us does our part, through sharing the message, through pro-life activism, through voting and campaigning, through prayer and compassion, the tide can turn.


We owe it to the little ones to take action today.

The world is as dark and evil as it was in the days of pagan child sacrifice in the fires of Moloch in Canaan or the pagan temple of Diana in Rome, but the people of God are indeed meant to intervene. You can be armed and inspired to influence culture and hear Dr Michael Brown discuss these issues and more in Australia & New Zealand at the Church And State Summit in Brisbane (28-29 February), as well as prior tour events in Auckland, Melbourne and Sydney.

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