A celebrity actress today announced that she is “trans”, meaning she no longer identifies with her biological reality and wants us all to pretend along with her that she is not a woman.

Not out of belligerence but simply preferring to not name and thus sensationalise her behaviour, I will continue referring to her by pronouns. No personal disrespect is intended, as shall become clear to any sincere reader. I “prefer” to use pronouns which cooperate with reality rather than her disordered feelings, and anything less than that would be dishonest of me.

Yes, gender dysphoria is a disorder, just like other disorders. Identifying a disorder is not hate, ‘phobic’, invasive, discriminatory, cruel, intolerant, hostile, demeaning, angry or violent.

It is none of those things to identify an eating disorder borne of feelings someone can’t help which makes an adult genuinely believe they are fat when they are barely 20 kilograms, as pictured.

It is equally none of those things to factually identify a woman is not and can never become a man, or vice versa.

It is cruel and hateful to cooperate with that poor person’s reality-resistant delusions.

Any right-thinking person instinctively knows a sufferer of anorexia or body dysmorphic disorder needs compassionate treatment from a medical professional, not confirmation of their harmful delusions. Likewise, gender dysphoria needs compassionate, professional help; not self-righteous affirmation.

Yet if someone, like today’s celebrity, announces they aren’t the gender everyone’s always known them to be but the other or some fantastic alternative for no physical reason but solely because of their feelings, the expected response is “congratulations on becoming your authentic self.”

Hollyweirdos (woke celebrities) cheered her on Twitter with comments like:

“I am proud to be your friend.”


“Congratulations in committing to the full expression of your self…”


“…Thanks for the gift of your truth!”


“You are making it easier for trans kids to come forward and live their truths…”


“Thank you for your bravery in embracing your full self…”

Media reports immediately switched to using wrong pronouns, suddenly unbothered by ‘alternative facts’.

Matt Walsh more honestly observed:

Another person posed the excellent question, “If she identifies as ‘trans’, which Oscars category should she be nominated in? Best Female Lead? Best Male Lead?”

Should past gongs be stripped if they were awarded against competitors who now would be entitled to feel robbed? Remember: feelings are Hollyweird’s measurement of reality.

Coincidentally (or not) ‘#StartCisShaming’ is also trending today with over 27,000 tweets at time of writing. What is “cis”? It stands for another vain imagination of the woke folk, ‘cisgender’. To be ‘cisgendered’ is, allegedly, to identify as the gender corresponding with your biology.

The definition has more fiction than an Enid Blyton bedtime story – it’s off with the fairies.

The weaponised bigotry aside, ‘cisgender’ — ‘cis’ for short — is not a thing.

Rather, there are reality-cooperative worldviews; and then there are reality-defiant worldviews such as those evangelically promoted by gender-theory apologists.

To people not educated by mainstream media or Marxists (but I repeat myself), gender is simply, and only, the grammatical device reflecting biological reality. One doesn’t get to choose either one’s gender or one’s pronouns.

Some folks are just either reality-defiant or really bad at grammar.

Here’s the horrifically destructive thing being perpetrated by willfully ignorant ‘trans’ activists. That ‘cis’-shaming is trending on Twitter, joke or not, is indicative of a broader social reality which should be alarming to anyone with any compassion for human suffering.

Gender and sexual confusion is now commonly perceived amongst today’s teenagers and even younger children as normal, to the point it’s not utterly absurd to think anyone you know isn’t comfortable with their biological sex.

Hospital clinics are seeing more kids in a month than any pediatrician would have seen in an entire career until 10 years ago with gender dysphoria, normalised by equally ignorant parents.

Where parents dare exhibit the compassion and wisdom to seek balanced care and counselling for their child instead of blindly affirming their disorder, governments are now labeling the parents as abusers and removing the troubled child from their loving care.

If you would call the poor lady with anorexia pictured ‘fat’, you would be a callous accomplice to her inevitable death.

The health prospects for people afflicted with sexual and/or gender confusion is terrible, far worse than population average. It’s a mental health crisis being exacerbated by many of those charged with caring for society’s health.

Our society is in crisis. The current catastrophe is we are already well beyond the safety barrier, doing active harm in epidemic proportions to the souls of a generation, but still hurtling towards a cliff with accelerating momentum; propelled ever onwards by congratulations instead of compassionate honesty when a celebrity woman thinks she’s a man.

I will not compromise compassion by denying reality to spare the feelings of a person with anorexia. I will reject the claim they are fat, I will urge them to seek professional help. Neither will I hate any woman enough to cooperate with her delusions of being a man, or vice versa.

I will not be an accomplice to the chemical or surgical castration of a generation.

There’s no such thing as ‘trans’ or ‘cis’.

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