Detransitioner Chloe Cole has been touring Australia, meeting politicians, supporters and speaking to the media. Her powerful story acts as a warning to law makers and health practitioners who lie to young people about solving their gender incongruence via misleading medical pathways.

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Gender “affirming” actions such as undergoing a double mastectomy have left Chloe, and countless others, with lifetime medical issues that compounded their issues, not solved them.

Chloe is warning the government to take seriously the fact that many countries are moving away from such models due to the serious harm they are inflicting on young people. She highlighted the fact that her issues weren’t really “out of the ordinary for an awkward, tomboyish, adolescent girl.” Like other people, she also had trauma and other issues that contributed to her diagnosis but these were not questioned or appropriately addressed before she was taken down an irreversible pathway of harmful consequences.

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Chloe’s powerful message encourages girls and women in particular that while there are difficulties in being female, there are some gifts that come with that as well.

You can watch her interview on Sky with Peta Credlin here

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Kirralie Smith is an activist for justice and truth in the public square who speaks fearlessly about the inherent differences between boys and girls, men and women. As the founder of Binary, Kirralie challenges the aggressive agenda to remove biological sex from education, health, politics and law, and protects children from those who would seek to indoctrinate them.

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