Conservatives are rather slow. We’re a little comfortable. It’s such hard work to get organised, politically speaking.

Yes, we see the people who think handing out how to vote cards on election day, campaigning for candidates who’ll fight for their penalty rates will solve society’s ills. But not me, thank you. Who wants to stand in the sun that long?

We see the people who are convinced that humanity is a plague and trees and whales are the most important issue to vote on. But we have a feeling that it violates our sensibilities to publicly express our political views. That’s private. Besides – what if they didn’t agree and subsequently didn’t like us?! It’s not nice to not be liked. That’s okay for other people, better suited to being noisy.

And yes, we see how effectively some keyboard warriors can actually make a private company like Coopers Brewery bend and contort to their extreme agendas and even make a propaganda video for them – not dissimilar from other terrorism hostages. A small handful of homosexual heroes can make massive companies like Price Waterhouse Coopers and IBM pressure the same poor bloke to disavow all personal opinions considered incompatible with their public anti-marriage-reality positions.

(Yes. Marriage reality. You can hash tag it. #MarriageReality. Marriage “equality” is imaginary because marriage is self-evidently unique.)

We conservatives are much more comfortable silently hoping people will choose to be grateful for what’s awesome about our nation at the election, instead of outraged about what isn’t. We’d rather just mutely wait for them to see the merits of gradual improvements, instead of willingly following activist agendas to totally unravel and reinvent time-tested institutions like family.

Isn’t it much more comfortable to throw up a quick prayer for the election the day after the action happens, than to waste a perfectly good day for mowing the lawns? What good could really come of some maybe misguided attempt to influence other voters for the best government for Australia’s future?

And please don’t ask us to simply change the brands we’re spending money with if the ones we’d normally prefer are actively, publicly and or financially supporting policies we consider detrimental to society. The inconvenience just isn’t worth a united voice against injustice.

But maybe there is hope for us. We may just find our voice and strength as consumers, even if we are late to the game being played without us for so long. Here’s what one business owner wrote to me this week.

Picture: Brisbane Airport Corporation.

“As a platinum frequent flyer with Qantas, I am astonished and disappointed with this brazen support of SSM [same sex marriage].

Are they totally mad? I, like most frequent flyers, am not interested in their opinion on any social issues. I am interested in good service and punctual scheduling which often eludes them.

But they have peddled gay dating in their magazine for some time, which has now elevated to their campaign with the SSM message on boarding passes and black open rings.

It seems to have escaped the Qantas strategists, two key things;-.  Firstly they are major partners with the Muslim controlled Emirates Airlines and homosexuality is offensive to Islam and others. Secondly we have been witnessing continued attacks by Islamic extremists, that are offended with the West in general, killing for no good reason at all, and highly offended at mild anti Islam behaviour such as cartoons.

For the only airline in the world to openly support gays and same sex marriage, is tantamount to inviting the unwanted attention of lone wolf or organised terrorism. A dangerous policy play by a CEO!

I have cancelled all travel with Qantas for me and my staff and suggest the silent majority of Australians should do likewise

Yours etc


Stuart Ballantyne
Sea Transport Corporation
(35 staff plus contractors, offices in Australia and Asia – lots of air travel)

Long story short, we conservatives need to learn from those social agenda lobbyists on the left who have got several decades head start on us and are better involved in having a say in our future.

In the absence of our opinion, the complete opposite views and values are winning by default and becoming normalised and accepted. Even some Christians are buying into the myths that gender confusion and sexual confusion should be celebrated. The voice of reason has been silenced with our willing participation.

Don’t complicate this. It doesn’t matter what other brand you use. Companies only care that it won’t be their brand, because then they have to answer to their shareholders, and money is naturally their master.

It’s absolutely past time that conservatives learned the true power we also hold with consumer activism. It’s a culture war, and retreat or timidity is defeat. They already don’t like us – there’s nothing to lose.

So stop buying Cadbury brand chocolate until they stop fund raising for Islam, with Christian holy days. Lindt really is much better chocolate anyway.

You can begin to make your voice heard now by signing and sharing petitions like the one below, and tell big corporates in Australia that we want service from them, not lectures on how bigoted and backward we are if we don’t agree with them. Most importantly, like Mr Ballantyne, we have to tell them they’ve lost our support until they stay out of politics.


Qantas – stay out of Politics and stick to Planes!

Qantas - Stay out of politics and stick to planes!

This petition is now closed.

Data Final: Aug 08, 2017

Signatures collected: 758

Signature goal: 500

758 signatures

Signature goal: 500

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