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Isn’t it just so convenient that current cost of living issues help our society move towards certain climate agenda goals?

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You might think I am being too cynical with this observation, but various state and federal government policies are guaranteed to contribute to the cost of living increase, making it even harder for Australians to sustain their way of life[1]as reported by,  

“Some Australians are being forced to make huge dietary changes as a result of soaring food costs that are impacting their purchasing power at the supermarket.

New data shows that “famously carnivorous” Australia is turning to vegetarian and plant-based options in order to bring down the cost of their weekly shop.

Around 37 per cent of surveyed consumers are already buying fewer meat products in an effort to save money, according to research conducted by Perspectus Global and the No Meat May campaign.

On top of that, 61 per cent are considering increasing their plant-based intake as the cost of living continues to rise.”

It is very likely this article is seeking to influence not just inform us about this trend towards eating less meat. But is it not a remarkable coincidence that the flow on effect of the Covid policies of the last few years is to make our way of life more and more unattainable?

Especially when you consider how certain current government policies are contributing to this financial attack on our way of life. Australia’s policy on Ukraine is driving up energy cost, so are climate policies. The combination of rate rises with immigration rises is having the double impact of driving house prices and housing costs out of reach of the average Australian family. Interest rate rises make borrowing to buy a home harder, which itself would not be a negative, if immigration was not being used at the same time to float the economy and having the effect of pushing house prices up further. So more expensive homes and more expensive rates have the double effect of making it impossible for more and more Aussies to pay rent or pay their loans.

The Unlucky Country - Zimmermann & Moens

It is simple mathematics: more people competing for less homes drives up the cost of those homes. This is what we should expect to happen and it is what is happening.

This flows on to people’s ability to buy certain foods, drive their car, travel and do all sorts of things. Which then has a flow on effect of helping the climate goals of current elites be reached.

Awfully convenient.

The passivity of the population during the covid years has had many effects, one is that it has told those in power they can go much further in how they corral the population than they ever considered would be doable. The current cost of rents should have Aussies marching in the streets protesting and at least demanding reductions to immigration targets to ease the housing issue and more be done to curb houses falling into the hands of the wealthy. But Australians seem content to be made poorer and poorer. It is fascinating to watch.


[1] Eli Green, 2023, “More Australians turning off meet as inflation rises”,


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