What a bizarre medical tyranny we live in.

Australians can no longer buy safe pain medication they’ve enjoyed for decades, but the government will pay them to take a vaccine they don’t want.

The health industry has always flirted with delusions of tyranny.  How many times have their ‘experts’ come out and started public health campaigns to micro-manage the citizenry? Governments are only too happy to oblige.

When medical experts say, ‘Don’t eat sugar!’ the government rushes in and says, ‘We’ll tax sugar!’

We are a long way from the altruism of the Hippocratic Oath. While harbouring an advanced case of the ‘God Complex’, medical professionals remain some of the biggest killers out there.

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Around 250,000 people die every year in America as a result of medical errors, making it the third highest cause of death. In Australia, approximately 18,000 die from malpractice with upwards of 50,000 left unnecessarily disabled.

To put that in perspective, the Wuhan Flu has killed 984 people in 19 months – almost all of them over 80 who were very ill with other life threatening conditions. Vaccine producers remain one of the only industries in the world that can produce a lethal product and escape without so much as a damages lawsuit, let alone a criminal prosecution.

This strange exclusion from the normal regulatory process arose after early vaccines caused serious harm in their development process. Generally, a vaccine company is liable for harm if they create a defective or contaminated product but not if their product has known side effects described by the courts as ‘unavoidable dangerousness’.

Unavoidably unsafe products are the norm in the pharmaceutical industry, which is why medical treatments are left to the discretion of doctors and their patients. When they become the tool of a government mandate, the inherent risk goes from an informed decision to a national outrage.

The truth is that your ‘health’ is big business and this pandemic has made the medical industry into billionaires with the help of over-zealous policy.

When the medical industry began the push for mandatory flu vaccines with public awareness campaigns, it was not done in the interest of public health.

Influenza vaccine effectiveness is questionable. Most vaccines given in childhood have a lifelong efficiency between 97-100%. Statistics from Australia put Influenza vaccine performance into perspective. In 2004 it was as low as 10%, 40% in 2016, 38% in 2017, 29% in 2018, and only 39% in 2019.

Most of this is due to the rapidly evolving nature of Influenza. It adapts fast with multiple strains running through the population at any given time. This is possible because it spreads without killing the vast majority of its hosts while presenting an asymptomatic infectious period.

The presence of Influenza does not provide adequate motivation for the general public to embrace regular mass vaccinations. Our society is accustomed to buying a box of tissues and packet of Lemsip every few years. We are so used to dealing with Influenza that it is the main reason we have ‘sick days’ built into our employment rights.

Influenza kills around 650,000 people around the world every year yet it barely manages a single article at the back of the newspaper. Unlike Covid, Influenza often kills children, but it has long been considered a part of ordinary life that doesn’t warrant a permanent state of civilisational panic. Compare this to the wall-to-wall coverage for every Covid death.

Humanity’s main problem is that Influenza has nasty cousins.

At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the Spanish Flu boasted a death rate of 2-3% – although this is accepted to be vastly inflated by the conditions of global war which saw it spread through battle fields and hospitals. It preyed on people who were badly injured, sick, and malnourished. Mask wearing and quarantine did nothing. The pandemic subsided after the virus went through several mutations settling on one which became too deadly to spread and another which barely registered symptoms and faded into obscurity.

Swine Flu was chalked up as the next global pandemic, but after a lot of fuss and panic-ridden flourishes, the WHO decided that its death rate was indistinguishable from Influenza. The WHO were later accused of exaggerating the danger of Swine Flu through media campaigns designed to spread fear and confusion through vulnerable populations.

The Swine Flu scare of 1976 sparked a mass vaccination program within the US military where a rushed vaccine was produced and given to soldiers on an army base. During the outbreak, one soldier had died of the flu while several others were severely ill. The vaccine rollout was halted after 24% of the base received their first shot. It was noticed that excess deaths of twenty-five over normal annual levels were reported in addition to a worrying number of hospitalisations – many due to Guillain–Barré syndrome presumed to be caused by the vaccine.

The Hong Kong Flu was a more serious version of Swine Flu which resulted in another vaccination campaign. The vaccines ranged from around 40-60% effectiveness – a long way from the gold standard. The rollout itself raised concerns as flaws were revealed in the world’s logistics, transport, storage, creation, administering process, regulations, and liability for vaccine programs.

Once again, accusations were levelled at the WHO for declaring a ‘false pandemic’ and partnering with pharmaceutical companies to create a ‘campaign of fear’ to sell vaccines. The Council of Europe called it ‘one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century’.

The major investigation that followed uncovered financial ties between medical experts advising the WHO during the pandemic and the pharmaceutical companies who profited from the sale of vaccines and antivirals.

Today, there is still no consensus or solid evidence that Influenza vaccines do anything to protect the population. Even those who headed up research trials for the WHO came back empty handed, with advice to ‘take the vaccine’ based on what can only be described as ‘wishful thinking’.

The Coincidence - a novel by Gabriel Moens

The dismal failure of Influenza vaccines prompted the study of mRNA technology. It was hoped that these vaccines would be the next step in the war against viruses – the only problem was that they constantly failed clinical trials. Plagued with dangerous and unpredictable side effects, mRNA technology would have remained at the sidelines for some time if had not been for the insistence of governments and pharmaceutical investors to rush them onto the market for Covid 19.

Heart conditions, bizarre immune system responses, nerve damage, and other severe side effects remain a risk factor of the mRNA Covid vaccines currently operating under either Provisional Approval or Emergency Approval – depending on the country. The Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia, for example, took pharmaceutical studies at their word when granting approval rather than independently confirming the content of the trials.

The known problems with mRNA technology documented in peer reviewed papers right up to the 2019 studies have not been solved, and yet they were allowed to form part of a government-ordered mass vaccination program without adequate public consent.

When the first adverse reactions became public, governments, pharmaceutical companies, and social media companies (who are also heavily invested in Big Pharma) colluded to hide or at least suppress reports of public injury. Alerting the world to side effects became a violation of social media ‘community standards’ after these Silicon Valley companies declared themselves the authority on medical truth.

As people have been trying to explain, not all vaccines are created equal.

The WHO’s behaviour during the Covid pandemic proved to be a sad re-run of its usual irresponsible and self-interested propaganda.

It’s unscrupulous – dare we say, criminal – ties to the Communist Party of China haven’t only muddied the water between health and politics, it directly aided the spread of the Covid pandemic.

The current Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is an Ethiopian biologist and ex-politician whose borderline terrorist party was funded directly by the Chinese regime. He was accused of engaging in genocidal behaviour by withholding medicine from ethnic groups. Tedros also covered up Cholera outbreaks by disingenuously renaming them ‘Acute Watery Diarrhoea’ to protect the tourist industry (and revenue) for his government friends.

Tedros’ election to Director-General of the WHO was one of the most scandalous appointments in the history of the organisation. He is the first non-medical doctor to win the appointment and it was achieved almost solely by China’s lobbying of the African and Asian voting blocks.

His unsuitability for the role was confirmed immediately when Tedros decided to honour the bloodthirsty tyrant and Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe as the WHO’s goodwill ambassador. It was suggested that the award was given by Tedros as a reward for Mugabe’s support of his nomination to the WHO when Mugabe was head of the influential African Union.

China remain one of Mugabe’s supporters after he helped them quiet the African nations who criticised Beijing’s exploitation of natural resources – with Mugabe calling Xi Jinping a ‘God-sent person’.

Whatever the case, it cast even more doubt over Tedros’ already shadowy ethics.

The incestuous relationship between China and the WHO extends to Xi Jinping’s wife Peng Liyuan who acts as a WHO Goodwill Ambassador. She was appointed by Tedros’ predecessor, the Chinese Margaret Chan, who was herself the subject of ridicule and scandal with her botched handling of various pandemics and misuse of travel expenses. After her disgraced tenure, she took up a position on the Task Force on Fiscal Policy for Health convened by Bloomberg and Summers.

It is unsurprising that the WHO made no attempt to stop China from pursuing dangerous ‘gain of function’ research on SARS viruses inside the Level 4 viral lab in Wuhan. Even when scientists working in the lab voiced concerns about its insufficient safety standards, nothing was done.

When the inevitable happened and Covid slipped out into the surrounding city, the WHO assisted China in hushing the outbreak up rather than launching a full investigation. The proper procedures that might have contained the outbreak to Wuhan were not implemented to save face for China. Either Xi Jinping was embarrassed by the lab’s incompetence, or he didn’t want the world asking questions about military involvement in biological weapons banned under global treaties.

Whatever the reason, the WHO failed in its duty, assisted in the cover-up, and then tried to accuse nations who closed their borders to China of ‘racism’. It then subsequently helped China promote false stories suggesting that Covid originated in other countries – all while refusing to allow an investigation until over a year later.

At the point of no return for the virus, the WHO decided to rename the Wuhan Flu ‘Covid 19’ to remove any connection to its source. They asked social media companies to assist in this, censoring those who referred to the China Virus, Wuhan Flu, Kung Flu, or any variation as a violation of community standards.

Caution should be the standard position, but Australia’s politicians have decided to abuse citizens who view the WHO’s cesspool of corruption with suspicion.

Far from being the saintly moral standard of our Age, those involved with the pandemic have shown their willingness to court tyranny in exchange for wealth and power.

How much of this is about our health?

All things being equal, it is likely that Covid would have run through the world largely unnoticed had it not been for the profiteering fear mongers feasting off the drama.

While this may have started with a virus, Covid has become a policy weapon used to create a revolution in the West. Instead of ordinary people taking power, the public servants and their bubble mega-corporates have stolen power under the cover of Covid.

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