In the foundational fabric of human society lies a truth as old as humanity itself: the existence of a sexual dichotomy. This principle, one of the most palpable and primal aspects of the human race, is grounded in the reality that there are two distinct sexes — male and female.

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This binary system is not merely a biological observation but a cornerstone of human identity and social organisation. The significance of this dichotomy is revealed in the first verses of scripture: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). This passage underscores the inherent design and intention behind human creation, emphasising the distinction and complementary nature of the sexes.

Contrasting this millennia old understanding, a troubling ideology has taken root in modern society. This ideology suggests that the clear-cut reality of the sexual binary is not an immutable aspect of human nature. Instead, it promotes the notion that gender exists on a fluid spectrum, far removed from the biological and theological foundations recognised throughout human history. This perspective not only challenges the concept of binary sex but seeks to dismantle it – rendering biological reality irrelevant.

Unfortunately, the proponents of gender ideology are not content with merely debating the existence of a gender spectrum in academic circles. Disturbingly, their attention has focused on the most vulnerable members of society: our children. Radical ideologues, armed with a vision of society freed from biological reality, are pushing for interventions that subject children to drastic and irreversible changes. These include the administration of untested drugs and the performance of mutilating surgeries, all under the banner of “gender affirmation”. The stakes of this ideological push are not merely philosophical but involve real, irreversible harm to children’s bodies and minds.

Central to the promotion and practice of these interventions is the ‘World Professional Association for Transgender Health’ (WPATH). Long regarded as the authoritative body advocating for so-called “gender-affirming” procedures, a recent leak from within WPATH has exposed a harrowing truth: even those who champion these procedures are aware of their potential harm. The leaked documents reveal internal discussions acknowledging, among other things, the possible carcinogenic effects of certain medications, the risk of sterilisation, the possibility of enduring genital pain, and the dubious capacity of children to consent to these life-altering procedures.

The revelation that WPATH – the leading global advocacy group for transgender procedures on children – knows of the risks posed by the interventions they promote for children is shocking. It shatters the narrative that these interventions are promoted by well-meaning professionals for the wellbeing of our youth.

In Western Australia, the WPATH’s suggested youth interventions are potentially available at Perth Children’s Hospital. Under the supervision of WA Health, the hospital has become a site for these gender experiments on children. The WA Government’s decision to proceed with such procedures considering the recent revelations from WPATH’s leaks is unconscionable.

WA Health would have us believe that the requirement for parental supervision in these gender transition procedures offers a safeguard against potential harm. Yet, this assurance rings hollow when one considers the source of the guidance parents are provided.

If the counsel parents receive comes from WPATH, an organisation now known to acknowledge (albeit internally) the significant risks associated with these treatments, then parents are acting on false information. The false claims that these interventions are safe, reversible, thoroughly vetted and will prevent suicide are tools of coercion. Most parents could only agree to these dangerous interventions after being misled by health professionals they thought they could trust.

I am proud to say that the Australian Christians are the first and only Party at both state and federal levels to commit to initiating a thorough inquiry into these gender transition practices on minors. This moral imperative is driven by the need to protect our children from irreversible harm.

Here, there is a glimmer of hope. The 2021 Legislative Council reforms have provided the Australian Christians with a realistic chance to elect between one and three Members of Parliament in 2025.

However, transforming this possibility into reality requires your support. By signing our petition, sharing our message on social media, and considering a donation to our election fund, you can play a pivotal role in safeguarding the wellbeing of our children.

Your support can turn the tide, bringing about a future where decisions affecting our children’s futures are made with their best interests at heart, free from the influence of misguided ideologies and untested practices.

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Maryka Groenewald has passionately been serving the WA community for 15 years. Fighting at the coal face of freedom and family values in a minor party long before it was cool, she has been leading Australian Christians since 2016. Maryka brings experience in community development, program development, campaigning and elections, problem-solving, community engagement and public speaking. Maryka holds qualifications in community development, politics and leadership.

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