SLEEPY JOE Biden was advised by the Deep State today that his choice for Vice Presidential running mate was Kamala Harris. He dutifully called her with the script given to him, an image which CNN tried to doctor.

All other strategies to remove a sitting President having backfired and failed, Democrat’s have finally resorted to the desperate measure of democracy and the regular Presidential election. If successful in installing a sociopathically-feticidal, globalist-fascist puppet – er, “President” – Democrats have already prepared a narrative about the retirement of professional politician Joe Biden. Soon after the hoped for inauguration of the Democrat platform, Joe Biden will develop unforeseeable and widely predicted debilitating health issues.

He will be celebrated as brave, selfless and sacrificial in his service to a nation. He’ll be lauded first for his political career spanning 48 years as a US Senator and Vice President in which he achieved absolutely nothing but did it consistently. Second, songs will be sung about Sleepy’s Joe courageous battle to the death against The Very Bad Orange Man, and for the obvious toll giving it all took on his health.

He will then be replaced by the first African-American woman of Jamaican-Indian descent, and the campaign to make Hillary president will be complete!

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