Heston Russell, Australian Values Party founder and senate candidate, has agreed to a LIVE interview tonight, after I shared a video of his answer to a question about Israel Folau’s freedom of speech which left me doubtful he considered religious liberty an Australian value.

I also included the fact of blurred photos republished by the ABC which he had taken of himself naked, sold and distributed privately online. Running with the party name “values” attracts values voters, which Christians and conservatives often consider themselves. Was this a dark moment in a past now regretted, or something voters will be inadvertently supporting in an ever relevant Culture War?

I will ask Heston three direct questions values voters need to know based on his comments about Israel Folau & the fact that those photos were taken & distributed online by him.
1. Would you vote for laws to protect the religious liberty of Israel Folau?
2. Would you vote for laws to dismantle the anti discrimination industry?
3. Is the sale or distribution of sexually explicit media, publicly or privately, an Australian value?

A larger, nuanced discussion will happen around those issues, but voters also need a reducible, uncomplicated indication of exactly what values a vote for the Australian Values Party will support.

Please add your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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