A 23-year-old woman from Chile was protesting against a mining conference being held in Melbourne – because ‘all mining is immoral and must stop imediately’ – when she got far too close to the rear end of a riot police horse. She’s pictured sucking on the much loved “green whistle” to help her deal with the pain of two suspected broken legs.

I’ve seen the Victorian Police riot & crowd control horses up close when the local population of Self Supremacist ferals felt entitled to violently protest a conference I was hosting in Melbourne in July 2018. I can tell you I was very glad to be on the side of law and order – up close and in person, those horses are huge!

Of course, it takes a special kind of stupid to ignore riot police commands but to be so obstinate that it takes pepper spray or a huge horse to help you cooperate. The only risk of ‘extinction’ here is limited to a self-fulfilling prophecy for the people determined to hurt themselves for the cause of ending capitalism (the real agenda).

It’s probably the same kind of pathological extremism which makes sense of catching a plane from Chile to Melbourne to protest carbon dioxide emissions while patronising a capitalistic corporation guzzling fossil fuels. Go figure.

One thing’s certain: she’s not walking back.

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