Extreme environmentalists with far too much time on their hands are intending to make as many people as possible just as miserable as them by blocking Brisbane CBD peak-hour traffic this afternoon right as everyone tries to get home for the weekend.

There is one of two government policy failures here which allows radical extremists like these to take a city hostage with their public tantrums demanding mummy does what baby demands.

Either some bureaucrat needs to be trained that approving permits to protest at 5pm on Friday isn’t at all conducive to the quiet enjoyment rate-payers and tax-payers have every right to expect from the government, or police need to be instructed to give them all move-on orders and arrest any who refuse to comply.

What most of us like to call this is “law-enforcement”. There’s little point in having laws which aren’t enforced. There’s no need to let uncivilised thugs rule the streets.

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