Gender ideology is confusing.

It is not an ideology that is based on facts, evidence or truth. 

It is based on lies and deception. 

It can, and does, lead to irreversible harm. 

No one can change their sex. Drugging children up and promising them they can change sex is cruel and unkind.

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In an unexpected judgment from the Family Court, a judge has ruled that a father has confused his own children and access will be limited.

The parents of “Jamie,” a girl who wishes to identify as a boy, have been arguing in court over what is best for the child. The father has reportedly confused all three children with his own gender non-conformity and the mother is concerned he is not capable of making decisions based on the children’s best interests.

Justice Kylie Beckhouse earlier this month ruled the two youngest children, known pseudonymously as Riley, 8, and Taylor, 13, will not be allowed to see their father for the next four months, after which period they will spend time with him on Sundays.

The eldest child, Jamie, 16, who is taking puberty blockers and wishes to undergo a mastectomy once he completes his HSC, will live with both parents in accordance with his wishes.

Stop there for a moment. Re-read the above paragraph. It is completely nonsensical. Males don’t have double mastectomies.  Females do. And usually only for serious health reasons. Yet sections of the media, threatened by the courts, resort to printing lies to save their own skin while children are sold lies that feed the transgender industry. 

This child is on a medicalised pathway that can cause irreversible harm, but everyone is so afraid of bad laws and being sued that they would rather keep lying to the child and the public rather than tell the truth! 

Removing healthy breasts and taking medication that can cause infertility is suddenly now referred to as “health care”, yet 16-year-olds cannot drive on their own, drink alcohol or vote! 

Meanwhile, this child, confused by her own father, wants to pursue a pathway that cannot deliver all that is promised.

This judge at least is trying to minimise the confusion.

In making the orders, Justice Beckhouse said the father’s “right to self-expression is not a reflection or criticism of his parenting capacity”.

“However,” she continued, “it is possible that raising the children without adopting societal gender norms and expectations has led them to be confused and question their gender identity.”

“There is nothing obviously detrimental about a parent ­allowing their child to reject the prevailing societal gender norms and expectations. But arguably, it has the potential to make them more vulnerable when they are, at the same time, questioning their sense of belonging following a difficult parental separation.”

It is devastatingly sad that in 2023, we can’t just let kids be kids. 

Why can’t they reject stereotypes, be creative and expressive without invasive and harmful drugs and promises of surgeries that have a 100% failure rate? 

Not one “sex-change” surgery has ever resulted in a person changing their sex.

It is horrifying that parents have to fight it out in court to determine whether or not a lie can be perpetuated on a vulnerable child. This court got it mostly right, where others before it have failed dismally. 

It is way past time to conduct a very extensive and rigorous investigation into the gender industry to save a generation of children being lied to on a daily basis.

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