“Maybe if it was ‘Father Nature’ you would give a sh*t!”

…or so goes the over-produced cardboard sign held by a student wagging school at the recent climate strike – which is basically mufti day for teachers who can’t be bothered showing up for work.

For the kids, The School Strike for Climate is a day in the park spent lounging around Instagramming themselves until mum arrives in her Range Rover. For the rest of society, it is a lesson on how Marxism creates a generation of illiterate idiots signing up as members of political personality cults.

Like every underhanded bureaucracy, this organisation goes by many names. School Strike for Climate, Fridays for Future, Youth for Climate, Climate Strike, and Youth Strike for Climate – to name a few of their current incarnations. All of them trace back to the Extinction Rebellion movement. From there, its financial supporters branch out into a forest of organisations, foundations, and empty corporate fronts endorsed by the United Nations.

School climate strikes have popped up sporadically from 2006 to 2015 as variations on the theme ‘kids skip school to protest’. In 2015, the Global Climate March was designed to coincide with the opening of the United Nations Climate Conference. This was an organised event pretending to be organic, set up by a network of prominent environmental activists who had their feet embedded in the sprawling European climate industry.

As a movement, they did not attract any significant attention until 2018 when the ninth grader Greta Thunberg decided to ditch her education for the duration of Sweden’s general election. Her great contribution to saving the planet amounted to sitting on the pavement with a cardboard sign reading ‘school strike for climate’. Her refusal to get herself an education was then extended until Sweden aligned itself with the Paris Agreement. The only reason she, and other children, are allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour is because powerful people within the government find child activists useful to push through unpalatable and damaging policy.

Greta Thunberg, with help from her Antifa parents and climate organisations who saw her as a potential figurehead, set up further strikes to coincide with elections at the United Nations. The purpose was to give the illusion that the world’s children were ‘standing against the adults at the United Nations’ when in reality, Greta was doing what those same people asked her to do.

The entire operation of child activism has been an exercise in propaganda.

Essentially, the United Nations is using a ‘grass roots child activist movement’ which they created and funded, to endorse the most extreme energy policies. By doing this, seat-warming socialists can claim that they are just ‘doing what the children demanded’ rather than admitting that they are putting in place policy that will destroy the West while entrenching China as the sole owner of energy supply. It doesn’t hurt that their mates are making a fortune off the stock market in the process.

Nonsense movements often betray themselves with openly ridiculous signs. “Maybe if it was ‘Father Nature’ you would give a sh*t!” is a perfect example of what you get when intersectional politics loses its mind and starts collapsing under its own nonsense.

The eco-fascist movement is colliding with gender theory. This girl (although I doubt she came up with that sign on her own) is trying to say, based on no evidence whatsoever, that humans are destroying the environment because it is affectionately (and by no means seriously) referred to as ‘Mother Nature’. In other words, we build coal fire plants to oppress the gender of the environment, even though the application of gender is one of literary romanticism, not a literal description of nature.

To be fair, if you teach children that gender is entirely a social construct rather than a biological reality, it is foreseeable that they would confuse anthropomorphism with reality. However, if that argument were to hold true, assuming the gender of the environment would be considered an act of bigotry by their standards of morality. Forcing the environment to change its gender for the purpose of a political movement? I can only assume that is a hate crime considering gender has to be self declared, and I don’t remember the planet ever scratching its pronouns on Everest.

Of course, humans don’t build coal fired plants to oppress the environment, they do it because they need to generate power. This might genuinely be the first time in history that a generation has tried to use gender oppression as an argument against industry. (Give them credit for finally inventing something.)

If we follow the logic of their argument, then surely they endorse the open cut mines and massive environmental destruction of the renewables industry because they hold deeply misogynistic views about Earth?

Let’s pretend for a moment that we switch to Father Nature. Aside from it sounding a little worryingly similar to last century’s Germany, would people change their behaviour toward the planet if it had a masculine pronoun?

That is hardly likely, considering most generations in the West are socially conditioned to protect women and children at the expense of men. One of the reasons Mother Nature became a habit in the first place was the sense of reverence humanity associated with nature. Nature creates life, as women were credited with for much of human history. If anything, Mother Nature is an assault on how we perceive men with women as the givers of life and men as the destroyers with their war-making.

Maybe they should change it to ‘Birthing Entity’, as the very concept of mother and father is steeped in the offensive dogma of gender…

Meanwhile, for those of us who went to school instead of attending meaningless protests, we can’t help but notice the high street fashion worn by the kids holding the signs. I wonder if they know that their clothes and bags are made with materials created by the petroleum industry? Do they know that their phone is born out of the world’s most environmentally destructive mining process? Or even, that the service they use to communicate with is created by Silicon Valley, a concrete, climate-controlled swamp infested by billionaires that haven’t seen a blade of grass since the last time they smoked it?

The powerful men behind this child activist protest industry lounge around in private jets and ensconce themselves on islands that are weirdly still above sea level, where the native vegetation has been removed to make way for their mansions.

We are watching a farce put on by a generation of teachers who have failed our children. Maybe they should go back to school?

Alexandra Marshall (@ellymelly on social media) writes on liberty, philosophy and geopolitics. You can find her on Twitter or read her articles over at her blog. Elly is also an AI database designer for the retail industry, contributor to multiple online journals and a Young Ambassador with Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

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