Football social media pages are alight with news that the Macquarie Dragons have forfeited their upcoming game against the Flying Bats.

There is also speculation more teams will follow suit.

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The Flying Bats are a team with up to five males, competing in a female competition. They also have at least one female player reportedly on testosterone.

So far, they are undefeated in both the Sapphire Cup and the Premier League Women’s competition for North West Sydney Football.

Sitting on top of the table with 9 points, it has cost the Macquarie Dragons an equal first position to forfeit the game. The reason for the forfeit has not been publicised but some are speculating, and hoping, it is because it is unfair to pit a team of teenage girls and women against males.

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A thread posted to a football chat page speculated that the Macquarie Dragons forfeited due to taking a stand against the unfair and unsafe policy that forces the girls to play against the men.

An anonymous commenter on an online NSW youth football forum had this to say:

Today has seen the first club to come out and take a stance against the unfair playing field of allowing transgender males to play in a female competition. 

Macquarie Dragons have provided formal notice that their Premier League association team will be forfeiting against Flying Bats this coming Sunday. 

I anticipate that I will have news later today if not tomorrow of another club in the same Premier League association competition who will be forfeiting against Flying Bats when their turn comes.

The only way to repel this ridiculous belief that it is acceptable for biological born males who now identify as a female which gives them access to female competitions is to show support for clubs like Macquarie Dragons and others that follow with the same decision.

Last weekend the Flying Bats thrashed the Normanhurst Eagles 6-0. Males scored at least 4 of the goals and a male was in goals keeping the opposition scoreless. This team of almost half males is winning the competition so far.

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