GoFundMe has apparently decided to discriminate against the expression of religious conviction and exclude people from their platform who identify as Bible-believers to prove they are against discrimination and exclusion.

I wrote an article just this morning about how much popular and generous support Israel Folau was receiving for his fight against religious discrimination he claims he experienced. The crowdfunding platform has since cancelled Folau’s campaign because of their sincere concern for an impartial justice system and will refund all donors.

Rugby Australia terminated Folau’s employment contract for no other reason than quoting Scriptures which warn of multiple sins including homosexuality. So far, no drunks, adulterers, liars or thieves are known to have been personally offended. Some atheists were angry, but no one could tell the difference from their normal expression.

Israel Folau is seeking financial support to legally challenge the very deep pockets of Rugby Australia and its very rich corporate sponsors in a legal system where more often than not, he who has the most money wins.

It seems a level playing field was too much to hope for.

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